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Zombies Ate My Neighbors Screenshots (SNES)

User Screenshots

SNES version

The Title Screen
Title screen (European version)
Select Zeke or Julia
By using the trampoline you can jump over walls
Pods inspired by Invasion of the Body Snatchers produce clones of your character
Found somebody to rescue as well as two bazooka's
When all the neighbors have been rescued this exit magically appears out of nowhere
Search the levels for gold, first-aid kits, weapons and special power-ups. Open everything
Each level has a genuine 50's B-movie title
Before I could reach him, the neighbor was killed by a chainsaw maniac
Zeke uses the clown power-up to block the path, it will temporarily stop the chainsaw wielding maniac
Child's Play! Inside the supermarket Zeke is attacked by Chucky and his brothers
These neighbors appear on the radar as a yellow dot, the numbers indicates the amount of neighbors still out there
Zeke drinks a magic potion and...
.... turns into a powerful purple werewolf. Ooooh scary!
Zeke attacks his clones with the garden trimmer
Inside the Pyramid of Fear, blasting zombies with the super-soaker
Inside the Castle of Dr. Tongues Zeke uses a power-up that kills every monster on the screen
Julia fires away at a huge ant. You'll need a powerful weapon to kill this creep
During a boss battle with a huge baby Zeke gets squashed
Inside LucasArts headquarters a certain famous tentacle makes an cameo appearance
On the SNES, the gruesome death scene's blood is purple
Swimming pool
Stats on end level
Leave me alone!
Toxic waste