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Sno-Cross Championship Racing Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game has a long introduction that mixes blurred live action scenes and with animated scenes. Words like INSANITY and ATTITUDE are randomly mixed in to give that funky feel.
The game has a menu bar that slides around as the player uses the left / right arrows. The current selectable option is always in the bottom right.
The Game Options sub-menu allows the player to access Credits, Best Times, and Sound. Screen resolution is established when the game loads for the first time.
The Hill Climbing option is not available to the new player.
The Time Trial option is available to a new player. Its indicated by a rotating stopwatch.
Time Trial : This is one of the sleds that's available. All sleds rotate while they are on screen.
Time Trial : Not all sleds are available to the new player.
Time Trial : The sliding menu bar is used to select the player's initials. The same method is used throughout the game in all types of race.
Time trial : Track selection. The left/right arrows change the track. The up/down arrows change the weather. Not all tracks or weather conditions are available to the new player.
Time Trial : There's a 3-2-1 countdown before the start of the race. This is standard in all races.
Time Trial : In Sno-Cross is done by leaning out from the sled as is shown in this tunnel shot.
Time Trial : At the end of the lap the time is displayed and the player continues to race in order to achieve better & better times.
Time Trial : The player exits the time trial by pressing the ESCAPE key. This brings up this menu.
Single Race : The player must first select the number of players. Then the sled is selected, player initials are entered, then the track and weather are selected .
Single Race : the starting line in Murmansk
Single Race : are some big jumps in Murmansk
Single Race : of the worst things that can happen in a race is a collision that turns the player around.
Single Race : When the race is over the player is immediately put into the start of a new one. Pressing ESCAPE ends the next race and exits the Single Race mode
Championship : There are three leagues to choose from the 500cc, 600cc, & 700cc. Then the player goes through sled selection, and enters their initials.
Championship : The Next step is sled customisation. The new player has no money. After each race the player is returned here with their winnings so they can upgrade their sled
Championship : Championship mode there's no track selection - the track is predefined.
Championship : The start of a race in Aspen
Championship : Aspen starts in a town and then goes out into the country
Championship : The end of the race
Championship : After the end of the race the results are displayed. While the results are on screen the game re-runs the race
Championship : A 3rd place win is not sufficient to be able to afford every upgrade
The Track Editor screen
The Multiplayer screen allows the player to select Client or Server
The Exit screen