Snow Bros. Nick & Tom Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
In game instructions
Level 1
Snow ball ready
Stage cleared bonus
Level 2
Game over
Continue screen

Game Boy version

Japanese title screen
American title screen
First stage
Facing a fire blowing animal
Killed on the third level
Sushi? Yes please!
The snow ball rolls across the screen
Building a snow ball out of an enemy
That's I jumping on the right
Facing the first boss
Now he's not so big anymore
Interlude screen
A bonus level
Game over

Genesis version

Title Screen
Two Player Action
Main menu
Password screen
Intro cutscene
Death animation
Turning an enemy into a giant snowball
Taking out a couple of enemies with a snowball
Got the enemy trapped in the corner
Getting caught in a snowball
Items left by defeated enemies
The 2nd floor
Rolling a snowball
This enemy breathes fire
Taking too much time will cause this enemy to appear
The 3rd floor
Game over
Continue screen
The first boss

NES version

Japanese title screen
Title screen
Story sequence introducing King Scorch.
The king thought the two princes were out of the picture.
Starting out in level 1.
Floor 2
Floor 3
The snow ball rolls across the floor
Boss stage coming up
The boss is really mean
Jumping up and down and firing enemies