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Snow Strike Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen
Star interface
That's me!
Choose a mission.
Choose weather conditions.
Choose your co-pilot.
Yet, that's the guy.
Sitting on the runway.
All systems go back there? Roger that!
End-of-mission summary
My personal hall of fame... such as it is.
Taking off on a land mission.
If you crash you're plane and die, you'll see this funeral screen.

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen.
Enter your name Maverick.
Where to start mission.
Choose your co-pilot.
Ready for take-off.

DOS version

Title screen
Game start
Start menu
Generating a character
What an exciting simulation!
Choose your mission type
More specific mission sub-sets
Difficulty selection
Weather selection
Co-pilot selection
Ehh... he'll have to do. On we go!
The title screen was so many menus ago, they decided to throw another one at us just in case we'd forgotten what we'd been playing.
Taking off from an aircraft carrier
Okay, let me try that again...
Career stats
Rank and medals earned
Successfully in the air!
That, my friend, is a control tower
Over land
??! He's firing missiles at us!
Thanks for the running commentary, buddy.
How are you doing back there, anyhow?
Let's see if we can give as good as we take.

ZX Spectrum version

This screen displays as the game loads
After a successful load the game waits at this screen until the player is ready
The player has the option of creating a new pilot or loading a new one
Its important to choose a good name
Missions can be carrier or land based
These are the carrier based missions
These are the land based missions
Before any flight the player is asked for their skill level ....
... then they must select their co-pilot
The view from the cockpit prior to a carrier based take-off
Testing the Zoom View feature
The view prior to a land based take-off
The end of the runway just before lift-off and a few clouds appear
The controls are a bit sensitive - climbed too fast, looped and am diving back down to the runway
The first flight did not end well
The pilots log ...
... and medal case. From here the player is taken back to the 'Welcome to the USS CPYX' screen
Free flight over land, tracking another plane
The co-pilot gives occasional helpful messages
Other planes are quite detailed and there are distinct types

Official Screenshots

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  • Snow Strike Screenshot
  • Snow Strike Screenshot
  • Snow Strike Screenshot
  • Snow Strike Screenshot