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Soccer Kid Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Main Menu
Main Menu (AGA version)
The ruins

Amiga CD32 version

The games contains a lengthy fully animated cartoon intro.
Language selection screen.
Main menu.
You can even customize your kit's colour.
The game starts out in London.
Level one starts in front of Soccer Kid's home.
Controlling the ball can be quite tricky.
Those spikes are not only dangerous for your ball.
A weird game over sequence in front of Stonehenge.
The game includes a tutorial.

DOS version

Alien ship (from the intro sequence)
Our Hero: Soccer Kid (from the intro sequence)
Main Menu
World Map
Your hometown
British Countryside - Cute sheep
British Countryside - Nice tractor
London - Gothic architecture, and a British taxi
London - An authentic British bus
London - Cityscape
London - Entering the underground
Soccer Kid meets the first boss of the game
Italian Ruins - How can that really big ball swing attached to that delicate branch?
Italian Ruins - This place's full of sculptures
Italian Ruins - A Roman commander.Tough guy, eh?
Venice - Pizza man
Venice - Authentic polls
Venice - Typical Italian guy on his scooter
Venice - On top of a tree
Italian Riviera - Nice view
Italian Riviera - On the beach
Italian Riviera - Nice tiny details are everywhere
Italian Riviera - Another pizza man in front of resorts
Italian Riviera - Soccer Kid can jump anywhere

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
The Intro Movie
One of the first enemies you encounter
These football stickers are hidden pickups for you to find
These heart pickups replenish your health
Spikes don't kill you instantly but do knock off some health
The Crown Pub this is a common pub name in the U.K.
Hitting the info icons gives you some hints and tips
When the boxing icon appears you can be sure there is trouble on the horizon
The first boss is a Rugby player
The world map
Dodge the rolling barrel
A typical Italian house
Cliche #19 an Italian on a scooter
The second boss is Pavarotti
A disused Russian war machine
Watch out for sledgers
On board a Russian ship
The flames hurt and should be avoided
Another enemy on board the ship is a sailor
Use the chain to swing across the gap
The third boss is a female Russian gymnast
Level 4 sees you inside the Japanese robot factory
A mad scientist who throws flammable bottles at you
Use the lifts to move between floors
Travelling on top of the bullet train
Beware there are moles hiding in the coal
The 4th boss is a sumo wrestler
The last level is in America
A nice beach background

Jaguar version

Title Screen
Options screen - Here you can customize the controls to your liking.
Password screen - 12 character password.
Map screen - There's a total of 5 worlds with 3 levels each.
Loading screen
England - Stage 1
England - Stage 1 - Your only means of defense is your soccer ball, since the titular character can't jump onto enemies.
England - Stage 1 - One of the collectibles in the game are food, which will only give you points and they don't restore your health.
England - Stage 1 - Spikes can pop up the soccer ball but by holding the kick button, you can spawn a new one.
England - Stage 1 - One of the more important collectibles in the game are the soccer cards. By getting a total of 11 across the three stages of every country, you're transported to a special stage.
England - Stage 1 - Soccer Kid can do a variety of tricks, which will be crucial on later stages of the game.
England - Stage 2
England - Stage 3
England - Stage 3 - Boss Battle.
England - Special Stage - Here, you need to collect all the Golden Graham cereals in order to get one of the five pieces of the World Cup.
Italy - Stage 1
Italy - Stage 1 - Kicking a clam right into his shell.
Italy - Stage 2
Italy - Stage 3
Italy - Special Stage
Russia - Stage 1
Russia - Stage 1 - Across every stage of the game there's chests, which includes items such as lives and a extra hit point.
Russia - Stage 2
Russia - Stage 3 - Boss Battle
Russia - Special Stage
Japan - Stage 1
Japan - Stage 2
Japan - Stage 3
Japan - Special Stage
USA - Stage 1
USA - Stage 1 - What is King Kong doing here?
USA - Stage 2
USA - Stage 3 - Soccer Kid trying to play basketball.
USA - Stage 3 - Boss Battle
USA - Special Stage

SNES version

Copyright notice
Main menu
The European version includes English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
The map shows your next destination - there are 5 countries with 3 levels each.
Going underground in London.
Each city features distinct sights.
Sunny Italian riviera
Roman ghosts in Roman ruins
Pavarotti lookalike - boss fight in Italy
How stereotype: a tank on Red Square in Moscow
Soviet insignia in Moscow
Fighting Russian seamen on a battleship.
This squirrel guards a stack of lumber.
Taking the Japanese Bullettrain to Tokyo.
Tokyo and Nagoya are indoor levels. Why? No Idea.
New York - skyline, hot dog stand and yellow cab
California dreamin' - surfin' USA!
From the Japanese intro.
Title screen (Japanese version).

Official Screenshots

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  • Soccer Kid Screenshot
  • Soccer Kid Screenshot
  • Soccer Kid Screenshot
  • Soccer Kid Screenshot