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Softporn Adventure Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Game start - In the bar
Title screen (French)
Loading the game and a little disclaimer (French)
Starting location (French)
The bathroom (French)

Atari 8-bit version

Title screen
Sleazy bar
Don't [email protected]#$ with the bartender!
A clever way to sneak playing instructions into the game
Toilet humor
True colors revealed
Bathroom graffiti
One of the many unusual ways your character can die
Poetic imagery
Pressing my luck
Game over

Browser version

Title screen
Starting location
Filling my inventory... also notice the auto-map!
Some useful information is revealed in bathroom graffiti.
This game is discouraging civilized behavior!

DOS version

Main Title and Version Information
Game start - In the bar
load? nah
a 100 buck beer.