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Controversy or not, SOF is one kickass action game. Windows Zovni (10648)
John Mullins = Chuck Norris Windows Eugen Andreev (5)
The most satisfying shooter ever created Windows Dragoon (107)
Deliberately over-hyped game Windows Roger Wilco (1194)

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Platform Votes Score
Dreamcast 6 3.8
Linux Awaiting 5 votes...
Windows 69 3.5
Combined User Score 75 3.5

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WindowsPrivat Computer PC (2000)
SOF er et godt singleplayer spil med en suveræn multiplayer del. Det chokerer ikke og lancerer ikke meget nyt. Men hold kæft, hvor det fungerer. Kan du i forvejen lide genren, vil du elske SOF.
WindowsGamereactor (Denmark) (Apr 07, 2000)
Soldier of Fortune er er ret godt spil, når alt kommer til alt. Single player delen er rimeligt solid, og har nogle timers sjov i sig. Charmen går lidt af det i Multiplayer, men skægt er det da alligevel. Raven har alt i alt gjort et godt stykke arbejde med Soldier of Fortune og det er en titel enhver actionentusiast vil være stolt af at have stående på hylden (ved siden af mælken).
WindowsAll Game Guide (2000)
If you're bent on eliminating terrorist threats by skinheads, Saddam Hussein's army, Russian mafias or even New York mobsters, then take a lesson from the Soldier of Fortune and tear open a new one.
WindowsIGN (Apr 03, 2000)
As you've already figured out, we liked SoF a lot...a whole lot. SoF is definitely going to change the way we think about fast-paced shooters in the future and it's nice to see Raven back on the right track since we were mildly disappointed with Heretic II. A big warning though: keep Soldier of Fortune out of the hands of the kids. This game is not for children, repeat NOT FOR CHILDREN, and I wouldn't even recommend it to anyone under 17. And even if you are an adult, some of the graphic depictions in the game may be too much to handle for some.
90 (UK) (May 23, 2000)
It's not tremendously original, and it's certainly not the best looking first person shooter on the market now, but there is still a mountain of fun to be had with Soldier of Fortune. There were times where due to lack of health, I was forced into playing more stealthily, and these moments also happened to be the most enjoyable. Heart pumping, sneaking round an office building, knowing that the next move could be my last. Awesome! Soldier of Fortune is a welcome return to the story driven single player first person shooter. Just don't take it too seriously eh?
Windowsgames xtreme (May 07, 2000)
So is this game good? Definitely. Is it worth the money? For sure. The single player missions are all very rewarding and I found it really enjoyable. Even though the shortfall in graphics and long load times, this game is definitely very fun and the GHOUL system is an amazing feature.
WindowsNUKE Computer Gaming (2001)
The levels are complex, realistic and quite interactive, so adventuring through the game never becomes tiresome. Once you get your hands on weapons such as the flamethrower, the rocket launcher and the Half-Life-inspired energy weapon, you'll be deeply engrossed in toughing out the missions, which at times can be quite demanding. The gun models, sound effects and animations are all wonderfully well realised and it's the gritty realism at times that keeps you on your toes. Soldier of Fortune does suffer, however, from a lack of true inventive design. At times, missions devolve into generic step-by-step shootouts, and it can become a little boring. There's still the old "pick up the weapon from the fallen troop" and the "shoot the crate to reveal powerup" and even the "crawl through the air ducts" elements, but it's tied together well with a satisfying array of weapons and targets. Oh, and multiplayer is a blast.
88 (Sep 18, 2002)
One thing that I missed in this game was the kewlness of Duke. No flushing the toilets or admiring yourself in the mirror (not that you're that handsome); just pure shooting you way through levels, finding the correct doors to open. Overall I would say that Raven has done a great job in making a 3D shooter that will turn up the heat abit. This was the first game in a long time that I actually enjoyed although the end is a real bummer. Instead of the "Yeehaa"-feeling you should get, it goes like "Here's your new partner" and you drive off in silence. This might seem as "It's like in real life baby !" but WE DON'T WANT REAL LIFE IN A 3D SHOOTER !
WindowsPC Gamer (2000)
Don't get me wrong, SoF is a fine game that does provide hours of fun. But once the initial eye-opening effect of the game's violence wears off, you're left with a shooter only slightly better than the rest. It's nowhere near as realistic as Rogue Spear or SWAT 3, and lacks the real ingenious creativity of Half-Life. Ultimately, it's an entertaining and memorable first-person shooter with a healthy serving of bone and gristle thrown in.
WindowsPower Unlimited (Jun, 2000)
Een keiharde, gewelddadige, bloederige shooter die meer biedt dan alleen maar rennen-schieten-rennen-schieten. De diverse locaties, de superieure Sniper Rifle, alsmede de verschillende manieren van tegenstanders uitschakelen, zal bij menig shooter-fanaat een sadistische grijns op z'n smoel toveren.
WindowsOldies Rising (Feb 12, 2009)
Soldier of Fortune est un FPS de grande qualité, dont le mode solo vous capturera pour de nombreuses heures. Si le côté malsain voire effrayant du jeu ne vous dérange pas, vous passerez un excellent moment. Un shooter très violent et sacrément fun, servi par une réalisation très solide !
WindowsGamer's Pulse (May 02, 2000)
The final verdict depends on one thing: whether or not you're looking for something fresh and new. If your answer is yes, then you are probably better off skipping SoF (and any other FPS, for that matter); SoF does offer a lot of what we've seen in FPS's before, with a different angle and a lot of refinement, but doesn't hash out much new content. If you're looking for a great game, despite its triteness, then grab the nearest copy of SoF because it is a fast paced hi-octane race to save the world. If you think Soldier of Fortune may be right for you, then you had best prepare yourself for an immersive and excellent action-fest that could easily put Schwarzenegger and Jet Li out of a job. Maybe we could even see John Mullins in an SoF movie.
DreamcastGamezilla (Aug 14, 2001)
I could barely put this game down! It has basically the same qualities that you would expect from a first-person shooter game, but with personality. The ability to shoot your opponent in numerous locations, making the combat seem more realistic, brings a sort of flair to the game. However, those of you with weak stomachs may wish to pass on this particular choice. On the other hand, for those of you up to the challenge, Soldier of Fortune will keep you on the edge of your seat and ready for anything the enemy can throw at you.
WindowsRealGamer (Benelux) (May, 2000)
Al met al heeft dit spel me toch het nodige plezier geleverd en mag het zeker nog even op mijn bureau blijven liggen (wauw!). De toffe graphics, geluid en leuke single-player maken dit spel zeker tot een aanrader om te spelen wanneer je bijvoorbeeld eens al die stress kwijt moet. Want wat is er dan beter om een complete criminele organisatie op te rollen na een dag achter het bureau te hebben gezeten? Zeker een aanrader dus, al moet je niet verwachten een Quake3 of Unreal Tournament binnen te halen als het gaat om multiplayer.
WindowsAbsolute Games ( (Apr 15, 2000)
Если выкинуть из игры танковые соединения ужасного вида, не обращать особого внимания на местами отстойный дизайн уровней и скудность полигонов, радуясь возможности отстрелить противнику любую часть тела, то Soldier of Fortune можно смело поставить в один ряд с Kingpin и Half-Life. Интересная однопользовательская игра для всех типов игроков, любящих красивые и динамичные шутеры. Сетевая же часть досталась от лидера в этой области, поэтому плохой она не может быть по определению. Более того, появились два новых типа мультиплеера, которые, впрочем, уже не смогут существенно повлиять на общее отношение к игре в лучшую или худшую сторону.
85 (Apr 03, 2000)
Un quake-like à la réalisation parfaite et avec une sacrée dose d'innovations. Un très bon mode solo et un mode multijoueur honorable, Soldier of Fortune n'a nullement à rougir face à ses concurrents.
DreamcastIGN (Jul 23, 2001)
As great as the one player game is, how are the multi-player features of Soldier of Fortune for the Dreamcast? Well, in addition to the lack of online play, there are no multi-player versus modes in this game. Obviously, Crave wanted to concentrate on the one-player experience but it would've been pretty cool to take on a buddy split screen and shoot him up in various body parts before giving him the mercy he deserves. Still, we should be very glad that Soldier of Fortune is here on the Dreamcast at all and there are certainly many reasons to get it. Just make sure of two things before booting up this game: (1) scoot all the kiddies out of the room as this is definitely not intended of kids and (2) wait a full hour after eating a meal before playing this game. Get those things out of the way and get ready to explore a new world of delivering pain in 26 ways.
WindowsActionTrip (Apr 12, 2000)
The very idea to make the Soldier of Fortune was indeed interesting and combined with the GHOUL system it really promised a lot. Some minor drawbacks, however, prevented the game from fulfilling all its potentials. An insufficiently strong storyline, outdated graphics and stupid AI took their toll, yet it can still be said that the game brought something new to the genre.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Apr 29, 2000)
Een spel waar je keer op keer naar teruggrijpt om alles eens lekker van je af te knallen!
WindowsGame Revolution (Apr 01, 2000)
Strictly speaking, you've probably seen all the gameplay mechanics in Soldier of Fortune before. Still, this an extremely solid first-person shooter in the classic mold, which is refreshing after a season of deathmatch titles. If you're up for it, dive in, get bloody, and enjoy yourself. The real world of a soldier of fortune can't possibly be this much fun.
DreamcastShin Force (Jun 09, 2005)
Although there's some room for improvement, Soldier of Fortune is a good port of a good PC first person shooter. It's a pity Half Life didn't join it on the Dreamcast. There's really no point in buying this game now when even average PCs today can handle the PC version on the highest graphical settings without a hitch, unless of course, you can find a really cheap copy. What's interesting to note is how poor the PS2 version is in comparison. I almost cannot believe how much of a turn for the worse it took.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Apr 26, 2000)
Despite considerable defects in the AI department and an aging rendering engine, Soldier of Fortune is a strong technical statement. Gamers have never seen animation this articulate or been able to gun through a virtual world so responsive to destruction. The one-note action becomes redundant and there are other small glitches and questionable design decisions, but these are pardonable in light of the absolute configurability that caters to all levels of expertise and the sheer amount of fun to be had. Raven has its fingers on the pulse of action gamers and is shooting in the right direction. Those who survived the somewhat cheesy ending and have watched sales charts will understand when I say a sequel is inevitable. Soldier of Fortune was a gratifying experience and I am gunning for more–so bring it on. Just iron out the creases.
WindowsGameSpy (Apr 03, 2000)
So, having heard of the good stuff and bad, the final question remains: Should I buy this game? Well, as always, it depends a lot on what kind of gamer you are. If you like blood, guts and gore, there's plenty of it in Soldier of Fortune. If you're the type of gamer who loved the scripted sequences, plot and execution of Half-Life over the action, you probably won't find a whole lot in SoF. The gore and violence is almost everything in this game, though the multiplayer is fun and should give it a good lifespan. So, in finale, this is the kind of game that resembles a gory action movie - Lots of blood, violence, cool weapons and locales, but a cheesy plot and bad actors.
DreamcastGamestyle (Aug 06, 2008)
Well In view of it all, I really enjoyed my days playing this title. It does not offer a mind - blowing experience (then again, what games do?) but as a good night in with a few beers and the video-nasty voilence of it all, on the Dreamcast at least-its now cheaper than most PSone titles if you look about, its a must have. Now where's my gun?
WindowsPC Player (Germany) (Apr, 2000)
Zuerst die Meckerei: Kommt die KI mit dem Mission Pack? 90 Prozent aller Gegner scheinen auf meiner Seite zu kämpfen, da Sie brav bis vor meine Mündung stürmen. Manche Bösewichte registrieren meine Schüsse gar nicht und andere sind nach einer Ladung Schrot plötzlich wieder putzmunter. zweiter Minuspunkt: die Mehrspieler-Level. Allzuschnell hat man sich am tristen Aufbau satt gespielt. Doch der Realismus-Modus rettet ein paar Punkte. SOF bereitete mir im Solo-Modus (Standard) bis zum Abspann zwar nur zehn Stunden Spielspaß, doch die hatten es in sich. Was da durch das Zusammenspiel spannungsgeladener Musik und Sounds, dem Level-Design und der Waffeneffekte zu Stande kommt, ist zwar kein Half-Life, aber nur zwei Schubladen darunter. Für Chuck-James-Rambo-Bond-Norris-Fans stellt Soldier of Fortune einen Pflichtkauf dar.
WindowsGameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands) (Mar 30, 2000)
Blaam!!! Een net iets te traag reagerende terrorist huppelt gillend rond op zijn overgebleven been. Blam blam, daar gingen de handjes. Tijd om m'n mes en m'n diploma 'Fijne vleeswaren' boven te halen.
80 (Jan 01, 2001)
The game can get pretty intense (as most of these games can), and I was actually shocked by some of the graphic images in the game. In an effort to soften the gruesome nature of the game play, they added a parental lock to block out the blood and guts. Lock or no, my nine year old son isn't getting anywhere near this one! Now if I can only tear myself away from it....
WindowsComputer Games Magazine (Mar 22, 2000)
What you do have though is a shooter that looks good, performs superbly on modest hardware, has some of the best collision detection in terms of shooting and targeting we've ever seen, and delivers the most gut-wrenching, high-impact visual display of damage flesh ever to grace the PC. The levels are well designed and fun, you can customize the difficulty to your heart's content, and it seems rock-stable. What more do you want from a game? A more interactive plot, perhaps, or something to spend the money you earn in every mission on, but that would be a different game, wouldn't it (er, like Deus Ex, perhaps?). Raven Software set out to make a shooter, and they've made a damn fine one. Just be sure you're up to it before you dive in. It gets mighty bloody in there.
WindowsGame Over Online (May 01, 2000)
Bottom line, this is a fun game that combines a little bit of stealth and strategy with your classic FPS action. It doesn't break any new FPS barriers and the "ultra-violence" is nothing to get all worked up over, you psychotic violent kiddies. Oh and Raven, try and get your money back from that ex-mercenary.
WindowsJust Games Retro (Sep 16, 2007)
If you want this to be the torture simulator you've always heard of, it certainly can be, which makes it a lot ballsy and a little dangerous. But if you also want an enjoyable, B-movie kind of action game, you'll find it here just under all the meat and blood.
80 (Aug 17, 2001)
On l'aura compris, Soldier Of Fortune sur Dreamcast c'est le jeu qui devraient réconforter les joueurs déçus par l'annulation d'un Half-Life très attendu sur la console Sega. Certes, le mode multijoueur qui faisait l'intérêt de la version PC est absent mais on se consolera de cette absence tant la sortie d'un tel titre fait plaisir sur une machine au destin si tristement scellé.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Apr, 2000)
Soldier of Fortune ist ein simpel gestrickter, aber spaßiger Ego-Shooter. Hist ist Ballern pur angesagt, auf Feinheiten wie die Körperzonen achtet man spätestens nach dem dritten Widersacher nicht mehr. Sondern schaut kurz: "Freund oder Feind?", und schießt auf letzteren. Mir gefallen vor allem die Szenarios gut. So unrealistisch Echtwelt-Umgebungen wie arabische Märkte oder sibirische Atomlabors halt immer noch aussehen - das exotische Flair kommt rüber, und abwechslungsreich wirkt es auch. Auf Dauer ist mir das Programm aber doch zu eintönig. Die Feinde sind im Spielverlauf zwar immer besser ausgerüstet, aber im Kern unterscheidet sich der erste kaum vom letzten Gegner. Und in Sachen Levels hätte ich mir mehr Freiheiten gewünscht. Ich mag lineare Missionen, aber hier werde ich durch die Gegend bugsiert wie eine Gondel durch die Geisterbahn.
WindowsGameSpot (Apr 03, 2000)
Soldier of Fortune's single-player game is its biggest draw, and it's a blast. You won't be inspired to play it all in one long sitting since it's pretty much the same surprise-free activity from beginning to end: shooting and more shooting. But taken in small doses, it goes a long way. It's a pure video game skills test in the best sense of the phrase; it's both fun and challenging.
WindowsGry OnLine (Jul 23, 2001)
Jak już wspomniałem jedynym mankamentem w tej grze jest niskie AI przeciwników. Nie zmienia to jednak faktu, że gra ma wręcz wyjątkową grywalność. Etapy są liniowe, ale wciąż chce się iść do przodu. Nie ma tu ani jednej etapu, ani jednego momentu, w którym moglibyśmy poczuć się znudzeni. Jeżeli uznamy, że „Deus Ex” jest jednak grą z gatunku cRPG, wtedy bez wątpienia możemy powiedzieć, że „Soldier of Fortune” jest najlepszą grą FPP ubiegłego roku.
DreamcastPower Unlimited (Sep, 2001)
Soldiers Of Fortune lijdt aan veel te lange laadtijden en dat frustreert enorm. Desondanks een leuke game die de DC-fans zeker zullen diggen.
74 (Feb 23, 2002)
Dependiendo de la habilidad del jugador, SoF puede tener entre unas 15 y 20 horas, aunque probablemente parezcan más, debido a unos tiempos de carga absurdamente largos. Sin ser ninguna maravilla SoF se convierte en el mejor exponente de los FPS para un solo jugador dentro de Dreamcast, más bien por deméritos ajenos que por méritos propios.
DreamcastGameSpot (Jul 02, 2001)
Soldier of Fortune is a decent-sized game stocked full of plenty of ammunition, health power-ups, and body armor. The enemy AI is often quite dumb though, so it's almost unnecessary. Soldiers who pop around a corner to shoot at you sometimes will promptly forget that you're there, and some opponents will simply stand still waiting for their guns to reload (or waiting to be shot). Your biggest challenge in Soldier of Fortune for the Dreamcast is finding something to do during the long, boring parts that bookend the action. It's true that we should all be pleased that the game is being released for the Dreamcast at all, but the loading times detract greatly from what is otherwise a very fun, if a bit too straightforward, game.
DreamcastGameSpy (Aug 06, 2001)
Overall, Soldier of Fortune provides the same old first-person shooter action, but in a slightly different format. Sure, the gore alone will keep you entertained at first, but once you discover the game's detailed graphics and subtle effects you'll be hooked. Let down by only a few niggling flaws, Soldier of Fortune is a game that first-person shooter fanatics will love.
DreamcastPlanet Dreamcast (Aug 06, 2001)
Overall, Soldier of Fortune provides the same old first-person shooter action, but in a slightly different format. Sure, the gore alone will keep you entertained at first, but once you discover the game's detailed graphics and subtle effects you'll be hooked. Let down by only a few niggling flaws, Soldier of Fortune is a game that first-person shooter fanatics will love.
WindowsGamekult (Sep 08, 2000)
Alors que la concurrence s'oriente plutôt vers le multijoueurs, Soldier Of Fortune arrive au bon moment pour proposer aux amateurs du genre une aventure solo très travaillée. Avec ses scripts, ses niveaux variés, sa petite dimension furtive et surtout sa très bonne localisation des dégâts, Soldier Of Fortune ne manque pas d'atouts pour séduire. Dommage que son moteur 3D soit aussi rustique...
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Apr, 2000)
In Soldier of Fortune ballern Sie sich als Mitglied einer Antiterroreinheit durch 25 Missionen, die an fiktiven Orten rund um den Globus angesiedelt sind. Obwohl das Spiel, das wegen seiner expliziten Gewaltdarstellungen schon im Vorfeld für hitzige Diskussionen sorgte, für den deutschen Markt deutlich entschärft wurde, bleibt ein ungutes Gefühl - denn auch spielerisch erreicht Soldier of Fortune den sonst von Activision gewohnten hohen Standard nicht. Trotz zwölf verschiedener Waffen und differenziertem Trefferzonensystem beim Gegner gestaltet sich die humorlose Terroristenmetzelei auf Dauer zu eintönig und einfallslos.
Windowsincite PC Gaming (Jun, 2000)
It's just too bad the levels aren't more inventive or interactive (in this area it's a step backward) or that the gameplay doesn't urge you to do something other than kill, kill, kill! If it did, there would be more to talk about than gore, and I'd be able to give it a higher score - and justify the stress it put on my dog.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Jun, 2000)
But maybe you find all this to be so much tree-hugging, vegetarian, left-wing crap. Fine. Click on the violence lock and play the game, and you’ll discover this: As a shooter, SOF is just an adequate product. It toes to recreate an action-movie feel and occasionally succeeds, such as when you have to hold off waves of terrorists while your sidekick defuses a bomb. The vast majority of this game is an unrewarding, rote shooter that even moderately experienced players will finish in 20 hours or less. Remove the savagery from the game and there’s nothing there, No story to hold you, nothing exciting or fresh in the action to rivet you, no real reason to stop playing UNREAL TOURNAMENT to make time for this — unless the opportunity to shoot villains in the balls and watch them bleed out is appealing to you.