Advertising Blurbs (German):


    Dr. Eggman (auch bekannt als Dr. Robotnik) hat eine ungewöhnliche Vogelart namens Flickies entdeckt, die sich mit Hilfe von Dimensionsringen an jeden beliebigen Ort teleportieren kann.
    Nachdem der böse Dr. Robotnik die Flickies eingefangen hat, verwandelt er sie in Roboter, die ihm bei der Suche nach den Chaos Emeralds helfen sollen. Sonic muss die Flickies retten, indem er sie aus ihrem Robotergefängnis befreit, und gleichzeitig verhindern, dass Dr. Robotnik die Chaos Emeralds in die Finger bekommt!

    Contributed by jaXen (170112) on Jul 03, 2018. - Windows:
    Everyone's favorite Hedgehog is back for an all new and wild adventure for the PC. Help Sonic find his way through this 3D world of mysterious dimensions using all his special moves and spin dash action.

    His mission is to rescue the Flickies from the evil Dr. Robotnik's schemes before the Chaos Emeralds fall into the wrong hands. The ultimate Sonic journey for any age player that wants to help the speedy blue hero save the world.

    Contributed by Michael Cassidy (20924) on Nov 08, 2016.

magazine advertisement (US):
    Blue is back. Sonic's new world is in 3D. Which means the little blue guy has a lot more territory to cover this time. So put it in gear. There are flickies to rescue. Power-ups to grab. And moves like The Blast Attack that make this Sonic the fastest and wildest you've ever seen.

    (Source: page 24 of "Supergirl Plus", issue 1, Feb 1997.)

    Contributed by Pseudo_Intellectual (60344) on Mar 03, 2008.

Back of Case - Saturn (US):


    Fully rendered graphics with 256 color textures thrust Sonic into an exciting 3D playing environment. The evil genius Robotnik is after the Chaos Emeralds and it's up to Sonic to stop him. Rescue the innocent Flickies before Robotnik turns them into part of his evil plan. Find out more about Robotnik's evil scheme from the exciting digital cinematic introduction!

    • Search for secret passageways and hidden power ups as you race through 14 challenging levels.
    • Use Sonic's new Blast Attack to defeat the evil Robotnik!
    • Hunt for the amazing hidden stages if you really crave adventure!
    • Environmental effects add fog, rain and more to dynamic gameplay!

    Contributed by breakyboy (1631) on Mar 24, 2006.

Back Cover - Genesis (UK/FR/DE/ES/IT/NL):
    Your favourite superhero is back...and in the greatest 3D graphic sensation ever to hit 16-bit gaming. Find, free and guide the Flickies to safety in 7 massive action-packed 3D zones. With amazing hidden bonus levels, packed with power-ups and gold rings...all to help Sonic in his blistering battle with Dr. Robotnik. Be there...if you dare!

    Retrouvez la célèbre mascotte dans une aventure originale entièrement réalisée en 3D isométrique. Avex une totale liberté de mouvements sur plus de 20 niveaux, Sonic se lance à la recherche des moineaux prisonniers de l'infâme Dr. Robotnik. Les graphismes des personnages et des décors sont impressionats pour une console 16 bit et l'animation est plus rapide que jamais!

    Der schnellste Igel der Welt ist wieder da... in einer 3D-Grafik-Sensation, wie es auf 16 bit noch keine gab! Findet und führt die Flickies in die Freiheit! Sieben komplexe 3D-Welten mit haufenweise versteckten Bonuslevels, unzähligen Power-Ups und ganzen Scharen goldener Ringe wollen bezwungen werden. Am Ende aller Abenteuer: Der listigste Dr. Robotnik, den es je gab. Nur für Asse geeignet!

    ¡Ha vuelto tu superhéroe a la consola Mega Drive, pero de una forma completamente distinta y nunca hasta ahora... con unos impresionantes gráficos en 3D. Encuentra, libera y salva a los Flickies dentro de 7 gigantescas fases en 3D. Incluye alucinantes niveles escondidos de bonus lienos de anillos...para ayuda a Sonic en su constante batalla contra de Dr. Robotnik. ¿Serás capaz de hacerlo?

    Ritorna il tuo eroe preferito ... nella plu grande sensazione grafica tridimensionale di tutti i tempi nel campo dei videogiochi a 16-bit. Trova, libera e guida i Flickies verso la salvezza in 7 gigantesche entusiasmanti zone tridimensionali. Con sorprendenti livelli addizionali nascoti, pieni di poteri e anelli d'oro ... studiati per aiutara Sonic nella sua impetuosa battaglia col Dottor Robotnik. Ecco la sfida ..... te la senti di accettaria?

    Je favoriete superheld is er weer..en wel in de meest fantastische en opwindende 3D graphics die ooit in 16-bit spelletjes gebruikt zijn. Probeer in zeven verbazingwekkende 3D zones vol actie om de Flickies te vinden, te bevrijden en in veilgheid te bregen. Er zijn nu zelfs slim verborgen bonus levels, boordevol power-ups en gouden ringen...dit alles om Sonic te helpen in zijn bittere strijd tegen Dr. Robotnik. Kom maar op...als je durft!

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Sep 08, 2004.

Press Release:


    Rose are red,
    Sonic is blue,
    His new game on Saturn
    Flushes Mario down the loo!

    January 31st, 1997 -- Sega Europe -- Forget tokens of love, Valentine's Day will be the start of the biggest battle of the year. Sega is trumping rivals in the battle for gaming fans' hearts by bringing out the big guns with the launch of the first Sonic the Hedgehog game for the flagship Sega Saturn console on February 14th.

    Sonic 3D - Flickies' Island for the mighty Saturn is being released two weeks before arch-competitor, Mario the plumber climbs out of a drain with a new game of his own. Sega is preparing to send Mario into the sewers as Sonic defends his crown as video gaming's King.

    Sonic the Hedgehog is the highest earning video game start ever and his debut on the Saturn in Sonic 3D - Flickies' Island already has sufficient advance orders to take Sega's cool blue spiky character to the top of the charts at 'sonic' speed.

    As a measure of Sonic's unceasing popularity, the character has generated sales in excess of 250 million British pounds (aprx. 378 million US dollars) across Europe since he was introduced in 1991 and sold over six million games.

    Sega started the Sonic licensing program in 1992 and it continues to generate significant results. For example, 10 million cans of Sonic- branded soft drinks and more than one million boys underpants featuring the 'cool' character have been sold! There's even Sonic tinned pasta, pajamas, party cakes, biscuits and slippers.

    More than one million Sonic the Hedgehog games were sold in his first year and when Sonic 2 was launched in 1992 over one million units were sold in just two months.

    Sega anticipates significant sales of the new game: "There is no doubt that this is the best Sonic game we have ever created," comments Jo Bladen, Sega's UK Marketing Director, "it's an incredible game which will delight Sonic's army of fans - of all ages."

    Contributed by Jeanne (76519) on May 16, 2004.