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Advertising Blurbs

Sega of America Website:

    Dr. Eggman is up to his old tricks again, but in this special Director's Cut version, there are a whole lot more of them to trip up Sonic and his pals. Get ready to go on 50 new adventures in the all-new Mission Mode as you strive to dismantle the evil genius' plans to rule the world. There are 12 exciting Bonus Games to unlock in the form of classic Sonic Game Gear titles. Whether you play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Big the Cat, or E102 Gamma, you'll get a unique adventure every time as each character has their own deep storyline and unique type of gameplay. Don't forget to visit your favorite Chao in the Chao Garden where you can take a break from saving the world and pit your Chao against others in a variety of tournaments.

    • Jaw-dropping 3D graphics with unbelievable detail and speed.
    • Over 30 massive levels, 50 Missions, awesome bonus rounds, huge bosses, and addictive mini-games.
    • Six playable characters, each with his/her own skills and abilities.
    • Portable Chao: take your Chao on the go by connecting to your GBA and the Tiny Chao Garden.

    Contributed by Kartanym (12706) on Mar 15, 2006. – Nintendo GameCube:
    X-out the Eggman.

    Scads of unlockable secrets, enhanced graphics and connectivity with three Game Boy Advance games make the director's cut of Sonic Adventure a hedgehog lover's dream.

    I am the Hedgehog, He is the Eggman

    Sonic's long-time nemesis, Dr. Eggman, just doesn't know when to quit. Since the beginning of this long-running franchise, he has been scheming to destroy Sonic, only to fail time and time again. It's a classic case of the Wile E. Coyote complex.

    With the director's cut of Sonic Adventure, you will have a chance to relive this classic clash of good and evil. While Dr. Eggman attempts to raise an all-powerful Chaos monster to aid him in world domination, a plucky band of heroes -- Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Big -- are there to foil his every move.

    You will have a chance to control six characters. Each has special abilities and a unique look at the events in the game.

    Sonic's blazing speed has always been the franchise's most famous feature, but the staggering depth of gameplay will keep players coming back for more. You will race through busy streets as Tails, scour massive levels as Knuckles, and blast enemies with Big's lock-on targeting. New areas add many surprises to the original masterpiece.

    Gear up for Bonuses

    The all-new mission mode allows you to discover brand-new unlockable secrets, including 12 hidden classic SEGA Game Gear titles. These pixel-for-pixel translations are a museum of handheld hedgehog games.

    The cute Chao creatures from past Sonic games return. These virtual pets take on different traits based on how you treat them. Mini-games give your Chao a chance to strut their stuff and further raise their stats.

    Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut supports Game Boy Advance connectivity for Chao raising on-the-go. Use the Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance Cable to link with Sonic Pinball Party, Sonic Advance or Sonic Advance 2. Transferring your Chao to these handheld games will let you spend time with your pets even when you're out and about.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65732) on Jul 24, 2005.

Atari Australia Press Quotes - GameCube:
    "Get this game if you are a true Sonic fan, or even a casual one. This game offers tons of different things to do that include: six different playable characters, a new mission mode, and even the Game Gear Sonic games. 8.3/10" -

    "Fast, fun gameplay; many challenges to conquer; fabulous soundtrack; ton 'o Game Gear games! 73%" - Gamespy

    Contributed by Xoleras (66458) on May 12, 2004.

Atari Australia website - GameCube:
    The renowned classic Sonic Adventure makes a speedy return as Sonic Adventure DX, featuring newly revamped graphics and an all-new mission feature that delivers never-before-seen game-play modes to the Nintendo GameCube. Combining action stages with adventure elements this is the ultimate Sonic title, providing an immersive and complete gaming experience for all true Sonic gamers. Taking place on planet Earth, the evil Dr. Robotnik has returned and is eager to begin his plans for world domination by the destruction of Station Square where he plans to build his twisted Utopian vision of Robotnickland. He has a scheme to use the seven Chaos Emeralds to empower the Chaos monster, which grows each time it consumes one of these magical Emeralds. Sonic becomes entangled in this sinister plot as our Hero must enlist the help of his friends to foil Robotnik’s every move and prevent the Chaos monster from becoming more powerful.

  • New graphically enhanced 3D world to capture the power of the Nintendo GameCube
  • 6 playable characters, each with their own unique story, skills and abilities.
  • 50 massive levels, bonus rounds bosses and mini-games, featuring the one-of-a-kind AI character - Chao,
  • All new mission mode including 60 new missions, collect objects, capture villains and race a track to collect
  • 12 Game Gear games to unlock

    Contributed by Xoleras (66458) on May 12, 2004.

Back of Case:

    Total Chaos


    Over 30 massive levels!

    All-new Mission Mode!

    Six playable characters!

    Awesome bonus games!

    Connect with "Sonic Pinball Party" via the Nintendo GameCube-Game Boy Advance cable for unlockable secrets in the Tiny Chao Garden.

    Contributed by Corn Popper (68945) on Aug 14, 2003.
    Once again, it is up to Sonic and his friends to save the world from the evil Dr. Eggman and his plans for world domination. Sonic Adventure DX for GameCube builds on the original game with enhanced graphics, more action and all-new content. The new Mission Mode offers up to more 50 missions for gamers to discover scattered throughout the adventure. Sonic fans can even explore new hidden areas throughout the game-adding a whole twist to the original.

    Contributed by Exodia85 (2155) on Jul 25, 2003.

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