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Sonic Runners is a 2D side-scrolling endless platformer runner that uses gameplay and visuals similar to the classic Sonic games, unlike the contemporary 3D Sonic Dash. The main characters in the story are Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. They chase Dr. Eggman through different environments with the ultimate goal of reclaiming the mind control cannon that was introduced in Sonic Colors. They also help animals, wisps and Chao along the way and there is a secondary plot where they collect Master Emerald fragments and another one where they need to reclaim drained Chaos Emeralds to prevent Eggman from fueling the cannon. There are many static cut-scenes and conversations that further the story.

The game consists of several short stages played in succession. Sonic runs through the environment automatically, often with multiple vertical paths. He can jump up to three times in succession, collect rings, and avoid obstacles and falling down gaps (ends the level immediately). There are also launch pads and rings that make Sonic fly. Several types of crystals can be collected along the way to keep a combo meter going and there are also several types of power-ups. By going down slopes at maximum speed a spin dash move is activated. Sonic can hit obstacles once and then loses all collected rings. When hit with no rings, the stage ends. There are several boss battles fighting Eggman using objects he drops. Stages are completed after reaching a certain point, but it is possible to continue from that moment. There is a 'Speeding Up!' moment and then the rest of the stage can be played endlessly at a much higher speed. Interaction during gameplay is largely limited to tapping the screen to jump.

The game starts with Sonic, but several characters can be unlocked later on, such as Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Vector, E-123 Omega, Shadow Sonic, Silver Sonic, Metal Sonic, Rouge the Bat, Espio, Charmy etc. There are several buddies that can be unlocked and up to two can join at any time. Characters level up and so do buddies. There are also several items that help and up to three can be equipped. The magnet draws rings and crystals nearby, springs fill up abysses to prevent the character from falling down, a cyan laser provides high speed aerial movement etc. Items are activated by tapping the screen. The game contains about 50 levels, spread out over several episodes and locations, and there are also temporary events. There are several types of roulette where buddies and items can be won.

The game is free-to-play with in-game advertisements and in-app purchases. Purchases are for red rings (act as lives), regular rings and sonic icons. There is a lives system where each stage consumes three lives and these are restored after 30 minutes.


Sonic Runners Android Two buddies are currently available.
Sonic Runners iPhone Tutorial.
Sonic Runners Android Division progress
Sonic Runners Android Character level progress

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GameZebo Android Jun 24, 2015 4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars 90
Destructoid iPhone Jun 25, 2015 6 out of 10 60
3D Juegos iPhone Jul 02, 2015 5 out of 10 50
Vandal Online iPhone Jun 25, 2015 5 out of 10 50
The Jimquisition iPad Jun 26, 2015 4.5 out of 10 45
The Jimquisition iPhone Jun 26, 2015 4.5 out of 10 45
Retro Gamer iPhone Jul 16, 2015 4 out of 10 40
Touch Arcade iPhone Jun 30, 2015 2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars 40


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