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Sonic Wings Special Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Intro movie. Vladimir Lenin loves you.
Highway to the Danger Zone I'll take you Right into the Danger Zoneeeeee
Title screen (Arcade Hits).
Main menu.
Level menu.
Monitor menu. Normal, scroll or... ARCADE.
Player select. Chaika & Pooshika.
I selected Mao-Mao. F-15 Eagle.
Stage 1.
The 1st boss.
Stage introduction.
Schwarz Wald.
Surrounded by enemies.
The 2nd boss. And... game over.
Stage 3 - New York.
Three suckers.
3rd boss = pussy.
Stage 4. Dover...
4th boss... going to be eliminated.
Stage 5 - Syrian Desert.
F*ck you, Bashar al-Assad.
Route select.
Stage 6 - The Panama Canal.
Stage 6 boss.
Stage 7 - The Ural Mountains.
Action can be pretty frantic.
Of course, the easiest way to get it over with is with a big fucking massive explosion that annihilates everything.
Tequila or vodka, make your choice.
Stage 8 - The Red Square. Just peacefully overflowing the city for a change of pace.
Avoiding the enemies!
Badass "Red Devil".
Stage - Fight in Orbit. Mere mosquitos. Just swat them down.
Confusing scenery. Can't see shit.
Fly me to the moon, and let me sing among the stars...
What's worse than King Kong, you say... A FLYING, FIREBALL THROWING King Kong, I say.
Sucker is really annoying.
Skeletor doesn't look happy with the outcome.
You gotta be Number 1 if you wanna get the babe. Just like in the movies.
Different route: Teotihuacan, Mexico. Getting a Jungle Strike vibe here...
Now it's Stargate time!
Mexican boss. Sure, just throw a BAZILION BALLS all over the screen.
My favorite words in every game - FINAL STAGE.
Weird pattern, kinda like DNA strands.
Enjoying the background...
That's way too many cannons, bro.
...ok, I think I preferred the cannons to those giant buddy "ship-looking weapons" of yours.
A nice bright ending to give a semblance of hope.