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Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen
The game begins here
I'm in a forest...
Leave sleeping moat monsters alone...
Hmm, where am I know? Better have a look around...
In the kitchen
A waterfountain! Betcha it's magical...
I have empty room!
Where does this door lead to?
A nice underground cavern
The inventory screen
Nice chandelier you got there...Be a shame if anything happened to it
So, do you think I should go down these stairs?
It's a giant rat!
The unheavy chandelier rises...
Looks like I annoyed a dragon
Is there really nothing special about this room?
Should I dive into the moat?

Atari 8-bit version

Title screen
Starting location
I want to enter the moat.
There is a moat monster in the moat.
Memo to me: Don't try to swim in the moat.
I am in the forest.

Browser version

Starting location
Ahh, one of these magical mazes...
Starting location ( release)

Commodore 16, Plus/4 version

Start of your adventure
In the moat, underwater
Reached a kitchen
In a courtyard

Commodore 64 version

C64 program loader
Title screen, sort of
copyrights and credits
Title screen
Restore a saved game?
Starting at the castle
In the enchanted forest
In the moat. There is a sleeping monster here.
I tried swimming the moat and drowned.
Starting at the castle (UK version)
In the enchanted forest (UK version)

DOS version

Keypunch logo / title screen
Loading screen
This is where the game begins.
Somewhere in the woods
Moat monster! Better leave it alone...
There is an obvious exit up...
I'm in a kitchen.
In a courtyard with a magic water fountain...
Hmm, where do you suppose these stairs go?
Be careful on this staircase; it's condemned!
Hmm, should I dive into the moat?
Reached the bottom of the moat; this better be worth it!
Staying in the moat for too long is one way to die...
An underground lava stream!
The magical floating chandelier!
Now I've pissed off a dragon!
Ooh, a wizard's workshop; anything useful to take here?
Hmm, I'm in a box.
I broke the chandelier.
I found a secret but rather vacant room.
The game can also be played in text only mode.
Title screen (CGA, composite)
Loading another SAGA adventure! (CGA, composite)
A raised drawbridge - guess your first objective. (CGA, composite)
Meet the moat monster... sleeping on the job. (CGA, composite)
Sleeping with the fishes. Mental note: no air down here. (CGA, composite)
Infiltrated the keep (CGA, composite)
Pushwalls, stairwells, storerooms; it's a medieval castle alright (CGA, composite)
A chandelier... and an engineering problem. (CGA, composite)
Drawbridge goes down! (CGA, composite)
Moat Monster had better start sending out CVs. (CGA, composite)
One last look at the moat (CGA, composite)
The chandelier, from another angle (CGA, composite)

Electron version

Loading screen

TRS-80 version

Yuk...moat water
In Kitchen
Plain room
Vacant room
In a staircase
Under the stairs

TRS-80 CoCo version

Game start

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Game start with credits
Hope it stays asleep
Learn to swim
And breath in
The main courtyard, which we visit frequently
Use the crate to get around
It's a door
'Stairway Condemned' would be a good name for a metal band
Using a spell
1 down, 12 to go
A good one for Only Fools and Horses fans
Release the drawbridge
Down the drain
You spend a lot of time underwater
The castle
Looks rickety
Watch the lava
The night they drove ol' Dizzy Dean down
I am the light
A lofty position