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Sorcerian Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Part two of the introduction
Title screen
The main menu
Creating a new character
Viewing character information
Visit the town
Starting the first scenario
Want to help?
A very long bridge...
Watch out for zombies!
In the dark marsh; enter this door?
It's a trap!
What is this creature I found?
Beginning the Garden of the Gods scenario
There's not a lot going on in this town...
We're under attack!
None shall pass!
Starting yet another quest...
Lots of areas can be dangerous
Not enough power to go this way yet!
This forest is inhabited by dangerous creatures
Something suspicious has been going on...
Board this cursed ship?
More trouble...
There are many caves to explore

Genesis version

Title screen
Creating a character
Lots of options
Starting in the town

MSX version

Viewing your character's stats
Main menu
Creating a character
Intro in English!
In the town
Wanna buy something?
hey, we are just innocent adventurers...
Order Temple

PC-88 version

The story, the shmory...
Title screen
Character creation
Main menu
The city is just a picture...
Buying weapons
This magic dude is quite serious about his job
Esther's Cabin? What's next - Haman's Tent?..
I wonder if Aramis, the Abbe d'Herblay, is around... you know? The one from The Three Musketeers?
Cozy light in the cavern
This gargoyle must like Tetris
Ahh, it was a lovely day...
Say what?!..
Leave us alone, you pesky green guys!..
Oh wow, this looks... impressive!
Doors, doors everywhere...
Traveler's Inn
Nice sky!
Beware of these flying guys...
...Didn't I tell you to be careful? At least there is this beautiful view with a castle
It's night...
Looks like I can't break those crates

PC-98 version

Title screen
Short intro in English
Main menu
Creating a character
Viewing character information
The amount of jobs is overwhelming
Town menu
Magic shop
Exploring a cave
Found a dragon...
Nice outdoor area...
Weird construction. Funny jumping :)
Carefully walking through the ruins...
What the hell is this?..
A mysterious figure...
Nice illumination...
Sealed doors
Attacked by many little guys!
Traveler's inn
Beautiful view; flying creatures attack
Approcahing a monster-infested castle
Roaming the streets
It's night...
Ascending the stairs

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
A beaten slave is on the run
He's trying to escape from an evil realm
The King Dragon!
Quest menu
First quest: "Before Dark"
Off we go!
This is the village of Kratow
Nice season!
Into the Stalactite Cave
Don't lose your party members!