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Amstrad CPCAmtix! (Nov, 1985)
To date, graphically the best arcade adventure yet for the Amstrad.
Atari STAtari ST User (Dec, 1988)
This appears to be a good excuse for sprite-bashing under the flimsy guise of wizardry and spells. Still it is an enjoyable romp, quick and well animated, and will provide hours of entertainment for all arcade-adventuring hacks. It raises the calibre of this type of game to yet a new level.
AmigaThe One (Dec, 1988)
Elsewhere, tiny improvements to the graphics and speed of movement finish off the package. Otherwise the game remains a competent 8-bit "search and collect" game promoted to two vastly superior machines.
Atari STThe One (Dec, 1988)
The beeps and squelches are far from spectacular, but they suit the game's quirky nature and never grate on the nerves, the drawbacks are more related to the manner of the game rather than its implementation - the idea dates back almost to the era in which it's set, so most people will have seen a couple of similar efforts in the past. Oh, and one more thing, the fact that there's only one life available can mean that a player's first few attempts are rather short-lived - but stick with it and you may find that perseverance reaps its own rewards.
The graphics aren't that much better than the Amstrad ones - but they always were superb. The sound effects are a bit weak, the creaking doors sound like unpleasant bodily functions. It is the best of all the versions but doesn't extend the ST's potential that much.
Atari STPower Play (Dec, 1988)
“Sorcery +“ ist ein ödes Action-Adventure, das sich auf Herumfliegen und Einsammeln sowie Ablegen von Gegenständen beschränkt. Kombinationsgabe ist so gut wie gar nicht gefragt.