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Sotsugyō Screenshots

User Screenshots

FM Towns version

Title screen
Creating the teacher
The girls are presented: the all-around lead...
...the obligatory spoiled brat...
...and the equally obligatory introvert "intellectual" girl
Staring at the sakura blossom, you try to decide what to do
Making a schedule
So far, so good - she looks happy, stats are rising and falling...
What? Tired already?!..
All the girls together
Oh no! She is crying! What have you done, you brute?!
Dude... it's just getting worse and worse
Performance menu
You can make a crazy animal costume show...
...classic Japanese play... apparent predecessor to "Bug's Life"...
...or a re-telling of European fairy tales
Dude... I'm tired of this sh*t...

TurboGrafx CD version

Yawning heroine :)
Choosing the teacher's birthday. As if it matters...
Teacher's stats
That's it. Created Teacher Moby :)
Introducing the girls
What shall we do today?
Schedule for three days in advance
Personal assignments to a girl
Girls' statistics change depending on what you make them do
She looks sad...
The poor girl got sick... you monster, what did you do to her?!
This one got angry...
What is she doing, flirting with me?
Holiday menu
School theater!