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A fun, yet unrealistic, sword fighting game. PlayStation ZombieDepot (48)
I don't normally like fighting games, but I loved this one. PlayStation Attila (588)

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PlayStation 41 4.1
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PlayStationTokyo Fan (Jul 01, 1997)
Maybe not as involved as Tekken 2, Soul Blade is still a thumpingly good beat 'em up in it's own right.
PlayStationRetrogaming History (Mar 04, 2009)
Soul Blade è semplicemente una pietra miliare del picchiaduro 3D. Detta infatti legge sia per l’estetica, visiva e sonora, che per lo spessore ludico davvero profondissimo. Il capolavoro Namco rappresenta un’evoluzione vera e propria del genere beat’em up il quale, dopo la sua venuta al mondo, non sarà più lo stesso di prima. Applausi.
PlayStationThe Video Game Critic (Jul 15, 1999)
The variety of weapons allow for some innovative moves, and the gameplay tends to be fast and furious. The two-player versus mode is great, but there's also a cool story mode that lets you collect and upgrade your weapons. Easy to play and easy on the eyes, Soul Blade is a stand-out fighter for the Playstation.
PlayStationHigh Score (Apr, 1997)
Soulblade är gjort av speltillverkaren Namco, som även gjort Tekken-serien, och man märker flera likheter med Tekken 2 i Soulblade. På de flesta punkter så går däremot Soulblade ett eller två steg längre; grafiken är mer putsad, effekterna snyggare och möjligheterna fler. Soulblade är helt enkelt djävligt bra.
PlayStationPlay Magazine (1997)
Soul Edge is a real stayer. Throughout the production of this entire issue of Play there was rarely a moment when someone wasn't playing it somewhere in the office, and this is testament to its long term challenge.
PlayStationHobby Consolas (Apr, 1997)
En estos momentos seguro que te estás preguntando no ya si «Soul Blade» es bueno o malo, sino si será o no realmente el mejor. Para mí sí que lo es, pues dando por sentado que «Tekken 2» era el Nº1 hasta la fecha, este juego es más rápido, tiene más modos de juego, un manejo más cómodo y una resolución gráfica superior. Lo cual ya es decir. El único punto en el que queda por debajo es en el número de luchadores, pero 5 niveles de dificultad y el apasionante Edge Mode harán que ese "problema" pase totalmente desapercibido. Una auténtica maravilla que no te puedes perder bajo ninguna excusa.
PlayStationMega Fun (Feb, 1997)
Es gibt zur Zeit drei absolute Pflichtkäufe für Beat ‘em Up Freaks mit PlayStation: Tekken 2, Star Gladiator und Soul Blade, Tekken 2 legen als körperbetontes Infight-Geprügel einmal zur Seite. Vergleichbar ist Soul Blade zur Zeit mit Star Gladiator. Wobei die geschmeidigen Bewegungen Fighter und deren Darstellung, sowie der gigantische Soundtrack und das geniale Waffengeklirr (selbst bei Conan der Barbar ging es ruhiger zu) von Soul Blade die Sternengladiatoren locker in die Tasche stecken. Aber leider muß ich anführen, daß mir Star Gladiator kampftechnisch etwas besser gefallen hat. Soul Blade ist leider vom Movereichtum nicht so abwechslungsreich gestaltet, hier hatten Star Gladiatoren ein wenig mehr zu bieten. Als kleinen Kritikpunkt muß ich zusätzlich anführen, daß hektisches Drücken bei Soul Blade auch zum Erfolg führen kann. Und das drückt ein wenig meine Funwertung.
PlayStationGame Revolution (Mar, 1997)
They say that expectation is the mother of all disappointment. This is generally a true statement. For example, those late night binges at Denny's always leave a bit to be desired, though it always seems like such a great plan in the car. Somehow, the pancakes look much better on the cover of the menu than in person, as evidenced by the fact that people still order the $1.99 Grand Slam Breakfast (are you outta your mind!!??).
90 (Dec 23, 2009)
Véritable chef-d'oeuvre vidéoludique, tant sur le plan technique qu’au niveau de la jouabilité, Soul Blade révolutionne le jeu de baston et s'impose dès sa sortie comme une référence incontournable du genre. Près de quinze ans plus tard, on reste toujours aussi impressionné par ce hit de Namco à l'origine de l'excellente et non moins célèbre série Soul Calibur.
PlayStationAll Game Guide (1998)
Soul Blade is one of the most enjoyable fighting games on the PlayStation. The sword-to-sword or weapon-to-weapon combat is fast paced and sets it apart from the other games in the genre. With numerous modes, tons of weapons, great character balance, and a wide variety of attacks and maneuvers, this is a fighting game that every player should experience.
PlayStationVideo Games (Feb, 1997)
Daß Namco mittlerweile ein ernstzunehmder Mitspieler im Beat'em-Up-Genre ist, dürfte auch der ehren werten Konkurrenz nicht entgangen sein. Was hier abermals an perfekter Prügelunterhaltung geboten wird, grenzt schon fast an ein kleines Wunderwerk. Die Entwickler haben es tatsächlich geschafft, die fantastische 3D-Optik und alle spielerischen Feinheiten des Automatenorignals in den begrenzten RAM-Speicher der Playstation zu quetschen. Ist Soul Blade (in Japan unter Soul Edge erschienen) nun besser als Tekken 2? Eine Frage, die sich nicht ohne weiteres mit einem klaren „Ja“ oder „Nein“ beantworten läßt. Technisch und grafisch ist Soul Blade über jeden Zweifel erhaben - über den allseits geschätzten Langzeitmotivationsgrad läßt sich allerdings streiten: Diverse Zwischengegner, die man sich als an wählbare Charaktere erspielen kann, sucht man hier vergebens.
PlayStationRetroage (Jun 27, 2011)
Słowem podsumowania, recenzowana przeze mnie gra to absolutna klasyka gatunku. Co ważniejsze klasyka, która jest grywalna do dziś. Mogę polecić Soul Blade z czystym sumieniem. Nawet jeśli jesteś zagorzałym fanbojem Wielkiego N, odłóż swoje uprzedzenia na bok – ten tytuł jest warty zagrania.
PlayStationGamezilla (1997)
Soul Blade may very well be the best fighting game on the market today. I really enjoyed the numerous game mode options. It keeps Soul Blade from being another boring beat-up the opponent and that is all type game. You will find that there is hours and hours of fun to be had in each mode which makes for a quality title. This is a game that every fighter fan should own. If you are not a fan of fighting games, rent it anyway just to watch the intro.
PlayStationJoystick (French) (Jul, 1997)
À deux, c'est un régal de se trancher entre amis, mais même pour l'escrimeur esseulé, Soul Blade reste excellent (ce qui est assez miraculeux pour un jeu de baston...), grâce à une tripotée de modes et tout particulièrement le Edge Master Mode, une sorte de quête de longue haleine, très technique, qui monopolisera toutes vos soirées à latter des boss et rechercher de nouvelles armes...
PlayStationElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) (Mar, 1997)
I'm a sucker for a good, clean fighting game. What I mean is that it's always fun to sit down and play a fighter that lends itself to two-player fighting. The graphics in Soul Blade are incredible. I'm not one to drool over awesome intros, but Soul Blade has one of the best intros in the history of video gaming. But let's get back into the game. What's nice is that once you play the One-player Mode you can move onto the two-player portion. Then there's the Story Mode, where you can find new weapons and new techniques. The moves are simple, but cool-looking --- I like that. Soul Blade is a really fun fighter, worth the price.
PlayStationIGN (Mar 03, 1997)
Thank God for Namco, that's all I can say. Given the recent fighting game glut, what with everyone waiting for news (any news) on Tekken 3 and the rumored hardware upgrade, it's nice to finally have Soul Blade to tide us over. If you haven't already gone out and made Soul Blade part of your collection, it's time you did. But if you still need some more convincing, well that's what we're here for.
PlayStationGameSpot (Apr 03, 1997)
Soul Blade is a great fighting game with its share of flaws. If fast-paced weapon-to-weapon combat sounds like welcome addition to the ass-whooping arena, Soul Blade is just the game for you.
PlayStationAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Feb 01, 1999)
It is very easy to understand why Namco decided to include Soul Blade in its Greatest Hits collection. Even today, two years after its release, it offers a fresh and unique fighting experience and an intriguing story mode. The fast and vicious action puts it near the top of its class in the fighting genre, while the interesting characters keep it from being lumped in as just another clone. All in all, Soul Blade is a great game, and quite worthy of the attention of any fighting game fan.
PlayStationEdge (Feb, 1997)
To describe Soul Edge as a fighting game “from the makers of Tekken” is, ironically, a double-edged sword that both promotes interest and inflates expectation. Given the success of its siblings, comparisons are inevitable.
PlayStationRetroGame Man (Sep 12, 2017)
In summary, this is a 2D/3D PSX fighting game that while still fun, is more of a game of historic importance than a must-play PSX game. This game made huge contributions to moving fighting games forward as a story-driven experience, but the gameplay has not aged well. This is not a must-play game, but for hardcore Soulcalibur fans, its great to see where the series originated from. I give this game a final score of 7/10, but with the historic video game tag!