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Souls of Darkon Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Start of your adventure.
A lowly dwelling.

ZX Spectrum version

The Loading Screen
You start the game on a muddy path with Sculpture to your right.
The remains of a fallen warrior contain a wearable helmet.
Climbing the tree reveals a magpies nest with a guard's ring and coin hidden within.
The robot guard stands by ready to attack.
By commanding Komputa your robot sidekick to Zap the other robot you are treated to a graphic of a destroyed robot.
After inspecting the carving it becomes apparent that you can press it which unlocks something near by.
The carving switch has in turn allowed you to move the plaque which yields a bent Sword and an Axe.
The Woodsman is so glad of the new sharp Axe you gave him he gives you a Belt.
Outside the Blacksmith's Hut
That magpie hoarded coin is the price to get your Sword straightened.
The crystal has an unexpected reaction to the water in the fountain.
The guide requires payment in gold for him to help you despite there being litres of the stuff right next to him.
With the guides help you can now traverse into the Swamp.
In the Swamp.
While hovering over the swamp you zap the nasty looking Serpent.
Fashioning a grappling hook from two inventory items to get up the cliff.
The ring you found in the nest fools Darkon's guards.
The Skull's weak jaw opens with persistent pressing.
The game designer forgot to hide these items as despite not being able to see anything they are still pocketable.
The star needs cooling down before you can pick it up.
That tuning fork comes in handy to reveal a passage.
Poor old Komputa is cut down by a guard... goodbye old friend.
The star turns the guard into glass and a quick tap of the tuning fork shatters the brute.
Infrared is needed to see in this room.
A creepy room full of various Taxidermy.
These snakes need calming before you can reach the door.
A suspended rope just asking to be cut.
Upon falling to the lower level you are greeted by the evil Lord Darkon.
The sword infused with the souls of your people plunges into Darkon's chest and fells the beast.