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In space, no one can here you scream SEGA CD ETJB (450)

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3DO 5 4.2
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Jaguar 7 3.9
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Combined User Score 12 4.0

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CD-iPower Unlimited (May, 1994)
In deze oogstrelende interactieve tekenfilm bestuur je geen karakter, maar de loop der gebeurtenissen. Je moet echter bijna bovennatuurrlijk snel zijn, want je hebt nauwelijks tijd om een keuze te maken. Uniek, maar alleen geschikt voor speedfreaks.
iPhone148apps (Jun 22, 2009)
Space Ace was a great game in the 80′s and it’s a great game now. I love that this classic was taken from a 200 lb arcade machine to a hand-held device. It’s an enjoyable foray into simpler times as a child, and a great way to pass this tradition on to new generations. The style of game play won’t be for everyone, but the story is worth it. It’s well worth the $5, if not for the nostalgia alone, then also for the ability to learn the game as well as you’d like.
CD-iJoystick (French) (Mar, 1994)
C'est fastidieux, ça manque vraiment d'intérêt, mais Dieu que c'est beau !
ArcadeAll Game Guide (1998)
The predetermined scenes are beautifully done by Don Bluth's animation company, and the score and voice effects are excellent, but players' involvement is limited to determining which way Ace should go at various points and when he should use his blaster. Occasionally, it is necessary to "energize" to change from the nerdy Dexter to the heroic Ace. Watching Space Ace is more enjoyable than playing it.
SEGA CDGamePro (US) (Mar, 1995)
Space Ace is great for animation buffs or gamers who enjoyed Dragon's Lair. If that's you, pick up the Space.
CD-iGamePro (US) (Oct, 1994)
Although the control is as hard as it was in Dragon's Lair for the CD-i, you'll have a lot more fun here than you will dueling dragons. Maybe it's because we've seen that one many times before. Space Ace is as fresh as a cosmic wind.
The CD-i is really becoming a strong contender with games like this. Space Ace is a blast to play and is truly faithful to the original coin-op. The digital video is perfect and the game controls are great. Space Ace can be difficult to play at first until you get the timing down. However, after beating it a few times, the challenge is gone. If you are an owner of the CD-i, you don't want to pass up this perfect translation.
SEGA CDOldies Rising (Jul 18, 2015)
Quoiqu'il en soit, Space Ace reste la plus belle démonstration dans le domaine du dessin animé interactif et sur ce support qu'est le Mega-CD, et l'on ne peut finalement regretter que sa durée de vie famélique accompagnée d'une totale absence de replay value et de l'inexistence d'un quelconque supplément par rapport à la version arcade d'origine.
3DOVideo Games (Aug, 1995)
Kompliment an Readysoft: Die Kanadier haben den knapp zehn Jahre alten Laserdisc-Automaten 1:1 aufs 3DO übersetzt. Was Ihr dabei für halsbrecherische Abenteuer bestehen müßt, läßt sich hier nur schwer beschreiben: Vor Euch läuft einfach ein Feuerwerk an brillanter Zeichentrick-Action, daß Ihr oft nicht mehr wißt, wo oben und unten ist. Das einzige Manko an der Sache ist eben Eure etwas dürftige Eingriffsmöglichkeit. Wen das aber nicht stört, der wird sich an diesem Spiel so richtig festbeißen, getreu dem Motto: Mal wieder ins Gras gebissen, na gut, jetzt sind‘s noch vier Möglichkeiten... Also, für Leute ohne Geduld ist Space Ace nix, denn oft müßt ihr Eure nächste Aktion erraten, aber schließlich will man ja wissen wie‘s weitergeht!
A perfect arcade translation. However, this game is more entertaining to watch than it is to play - just let me see the cartoon! It's just too frustrating to play. (Although the various death sequences are amusing.)
3DODefunct Games (Feb 05, 2006)
If you aren't familiar with this game, or Dragon's Lair, they are definitely worth checking out, at least once. Mr. Bluth later created the film "The Secret of NIHM", and, more recently, "Titan AE", so if you enjoyed either of those, you may also want to check this out. Very frustrating, but a novel slice of the past "future" of gaming.
Overall, a decent game, nothing overly spectacular. But if you're into the FMV games, or are a fan of Don Bluth's animation style, it's worth a play.
SEGA CDAll Game Guide (1998)
My overall advice is to play Dragon's Lair, the true classic, first and then move on to Space Ace if you like it. If you don't, well, you may want to leave Dexter and Kimberly alone.
Get over Space Ace and move on with your lives! Geez! It's the same thing over and over again. The cartridge version were a little bit different, but all the CD-based versions are almost identical, except that the quality of the video varies. The Sega CD version has the worst graphics yet. Undoubtedly, it was a good arcade game and the Sega CD plays pretty much like the arcade version. The graphics aren't as clean as the superior CD-i version; in fact, they look like mud. Fortunately, the sound effects are good. But it all ends up being something you've already seen and heard five hundred times before.
SEGA (Aug 14, 2011)
The game would definitely have profited by slower pacing, as players would have more time to enjoy the beautiful animation and take in the quirky, though painfully short story. It would also have helped with the controls, since you basically need to press the right button before the scene requiring your action starts. So if you want to really take in the story and the quirky events, you have no other choice but to learn the entirety of the game by heart. For most, this will probably too much of a chore to be truly enjoyable, and understandably so. Nevertheless, for a FMV game it’s rather entertaining and pleasant to look at. So if you got a good memory and fast reflexes, you might be in for a treat, but then you’d be better off to grab one of the re-releases for the iPhone, Wii or as a downloadable title from the PSN, where you can enjoy the game in its full visual glory and not the reduced pixilated mess the Sega CD has to offer.
50 (Jul 19, 2011)
Space Ace surfe sur les bases de Dragon's Lair mais ne parvient pas à atteindre le même degré de qualité. Ainsi, l'action trop rapide et le design sans génie peinent à impliquer le joueur. Dommage car à côté de cela, le titre apporte quelques nouveautés bienvenues, dont la possibilité de choisir sa route.
JaguarneXGam (2010)
Heiko meint Spcae Ace zeigt deutlich, warum das Interactive Movie in den 90ern gescheitert ist. Die Produktion war dank ausufernder Filmchen teuer und die Spieler wurden mit mangelnder Interaktion in Form von stupiden Reaktionstests gelangweilt. Nicht umsonst hat das Genre gute 15 jahre im Dornröschenschlaf gelegen. Neben den typischen Interactive-Movie-Schwächen sammelt die Jaguar Version zudem bei technischen Unzulänglichkeiten Minuspunkte. Das verockte Timing sorgt auf PAL-Geräten zudem zur absoluten Unspielbarkeit. Wer sich heutzutage noch einen der Interactive-Langweiler auf Konsole geben will, sollte zur CD-i Version greifen, oder direkt die DVD-Version nehmen, welche auf jedem handelsüblichen DVD-Player läuft.
3DOGame Zero (Dec, 1995)
If you have never played Space Ace, the play style is almost exactly like Dragon's Lair. If you have played neither, the play control goes like this: LEFT, RIGHT, LASER... "Hey, why the hell did I just die?" You interact with semi-interesting animation sequences where there is only one correct move and if you make one wrong move out of sequence you die instantly. Needless to say, this gets really frustrating. One of the things that really pisses me off about this version is that there are almost no clues as to what the moves should be; in the arcade objects would flash a split second before you had to make a move, giving you a clue as to which move you should make. Almost all of these flashes have been removed. If you loved Space Ace in the arcade, do NOT buy this version; playing this version will quite possibly destroy your fond memories of an arcade enigma that disappeared almost as fast as it had appeared.
Nintendo DSiNintendo Life (Dec 08, 2010)
Like Dragon's Lair before it, Space Ace was designed to eat as many quarters as it could, as quickly as possible. And while this was obviously a result of its place in time, it does not make for a very rewarding gaming experience today. If you are specifically looking for a game that will frustratingly force you to repeat unforgiving sequences until you've memorized them, just so that you can move on to another set of sequences that expect you to do the same, then look no further. If you'd rather spend your hard-earned money on something you'll enjoy, however...keep walking, and don't look back.
Nintendo DSiIGN (Dec 09, 2010)
I understand the appeal of some ports for these games. I get it when it's played on a television, or when the source animation has been remastered and runs in beautiful high resolution through a source like Blu-ray -- by all means, support those versions of these games. The visuals are the entire point. But here in a low-resolution, cramped and compressed edition? Not a chance.
CD-iHigh Score (Aug, 1994)
Ett spel som är mycket snyggt och med suveränt ljud men är komplett ospelbart.
JaguarThe Video Game Critic (Jan 04, 2001)
In addition to the poor gameplay, the graphics look worse than Dragon's Lair. As bad as this was in the arcade, it's even worse on the Jag.