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Title Screen
Options screen
Entering the bar. Talking to Fleebix and Thud - probably the first alien patrons you'll meet in the game
Playing Fleebix in the jar of water
To do something you need to order Thud around
Thud will give a hard time
Thud's PDA. That's his.. uh.. log
Being stranded in the desert with Thud, mailbox and an air-crush.
This is the map of the bar. There is quite a lot to see here!..
Gambling area
This is the bartender, Soldier 714
Note the insectoid vision - cool and original, but so hard to deal with! This is the egg you must protect...
Pressing the Scroll Lock key will get rid of the ingenious, yet highly uncomfortable insect view. Now, study the civilization of Zzazzl!..
Every flashback has its unique tone and fitting comments
Dancing area. The pattern on your PDA means it is conversing with you
Playing as a teenage tree-like alien. Her diary entries are hilarious!..
That's a photo from an Erotic Magazine for trees.
Once you've initiated a dialogue, you switch to another screen where you can choose such attitudes
The game is full of exquisite humorous detail. Check out this telephone for tree-like aliens - and the list of useful services to the right!..
An insectoid restroom
This guy obviously has alcohol consumption problems... The interface is context-sensitive; but commands such as Chat and Arrest are applicable to all patrons
In the world of the alien Click Snap Snap Rattle. Note the unique interaction possibilities!..
Looks like this guy has a problem with the authorities... try to figure out how to solve this!..
A cowboy-themed bar
A Mytosis preparing to multiply itself
Playing as a robot!.. Somebody drew graffiti on you - and this is the result!
Visiting a robot barber! Almost every character in the game allows you to ask him about a wide variety of topics
Context-sensitive command for some exotic instruments
The game is full of intriguing and amusing information. Learn how to play the fascinating game of Veebleball!
If you fail your mission during a flashback, you get whisked out and have to start over again. Better save often!..
Those are not drinks! They're aliens!
Order absolutely hilarious drinks from the bar! Naturally, this will figure in one of the puzzles...
The house of the alien art dealer - one of the many lushly decorated rooms. He seems to possess some very famous human works of art... well as some intricately-looking local alien paintings
The rich alien has a huge electronic database with loads of information - and you can explore it!..
No, there are no graphical errors in this screenshot. You tampered with a mysterious alien device, and now everything looks like this!..
This vending machine in the bar has useful items for humans and non-humans alike!..
Any game that allows you to play a piano gets extra points in my book!..
What other game allows you to enter a philosophical discussion with a glowing plant in a fake cowboy-themed bar?..
No bar is complete without a kitchen - and a cook, naturally!
A new, quiet area of the bar opens later in the game. Just sit and relax... because this game needs everything you've got to crack it
The alien singer will eventually take a break. You can initiate your flashback then
Note the real-time animations - your friend here is opening the refrigerator
Each flashback has a unique, well-drawn map. Consult it often!..
Text feedback is still present in many areas
Ancient-looking musical instruments, weird art... every room in the game is meticulously detailed
The Order command appears frequently. There are many things you can order this person to do...
Some puzzles just require you to be attentive, zoom on everything, get everything you can
Every object in any character's inventory can be shown in close-up. This is, in fact, a babaloo burger!
Many puzzles require you to study, understand, and operate fairly complex devices

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