Space Quest 6: Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title and main menu
Intro: Roger is on trial ...
...and is degraded
This means back to janitor services
A dark, sinister, unknown person with diabolical plots
Due to an accident with the transporter is Roger stuck in a hole at the beginning of his vacation and the game
Obvious E.T. parody
A fine planet to spend one's vacation
Another rotten street
An old acquaintance from Space Quest III
A lobby
At the bar; like in the rest of the city, you cannot talk to most of the persons
Found nothing of interest in the cellar
At the arcades...
... you can play this Street Fighter parody
Great Scott!, an article on "How to Build a Time Machine Out of a DeLorean"!
A message from Commander Kielbasa
This looks like an empty room to me
Roger's quarters. Considering that Roger is a janitor - it shouldn't be messy - but it is
Sick bay
Stella's funeral. She's dead... Or is she?
The bridge
In the brig
Roger needs to get the crystal fixed
Outside in the blackness of space... And remember - "In space, no one can hear you clean!"
It's Windows 3.11 - the operation system of the past... err... the future in this case!
Files... Piles of files.... Aisles of piles of files... Miles of aisles of piles of files...
Now Roger can cross the bridge
Roger is out to boldly go where no janitor has gone before... to outer... I mean inner space!
Roger enters Stella's body
Don't play this game if sights like this make you sick to your stomach!
Exploring the inside of Stella's body
This reminds me of the DIG for some reason - which also came out the same year
What is that pile of stuff?
Roger pats himself on the back... But things aren't over yet!

Windows 3.x version

Main menu
The hero
Back on duty
In the spaceship
Official thanks given
Holographic planet
You start here
Your new friend
Taking a picture (inside)
What is this, "Leisure Suit Larry"?
Isn't it your old friend Fester from "SQIII?"
Hotel lobby
One of Polysorbat streets
Playing an arcade game
Here you can play arcade games
In the bar
In the cellar
Show Security Pass
The meeting in the hallway
Computer screen
View through a window
Inventory screen
Stellar and Roger
Filthy view
Dr. Beleauxs and Com. Kielbasa
Checking messages
Holosuite program #5551212
Talk with Sidney
Meeting in jail
Keyring acquired
The Automatic Pilot
Recall notice
Copy protection
Using info from recall notice
Windows Desktop
Taking screwdriver
Inside the intestine