The demo for the game was not taken from the game itself but was a small independent game of its own.


This game was originally written and designed by Josh Mandel, but he left Sierra for management reasons and original Space Quest creator Scott Murphy took over and put on the finishing touches. This partially explains the inconsistent nature of some of the puzzles, since Josh and Scott didn't get as much communication done as they should have and certain details in the game were overlooked in the transition.


  • When attending Santiago's funeral on the Holocabana check out the graveyard keeper... It's the same one from Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers.
  • After forcing Magnum (the bully guard to the Shuttle Bay) his medication, he morphs through various states until he's finally knocked out: among them the dancing frog from Looney Tunes' One Froggy Evening and an Elton John-esque abomination giving a impression of Mark Seibert's cheesy Girl in the Tower, the title song of King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow (CD-ROM version).


    The game was almost called Where in Corpsman Santiago is Roger Wilco? until Broderbund threatened to sue.

    Vulgar Nerve Pinch

    Can't work out what Roger is saying when he does the "Vulgar Nerve Pinch"? If you've set the game to display text, the dialogue provides no help; all it says is "O, mumble ... mumble ... mumble".. So here is what Roger is actually saying is:

    "Ohh, boy I got you with my fingers and your Kurt Russell now you can't get awai gotcha now that you gotta ... Hard to believe this is a real job (inaudible sound) Oh, my (inaudible sound). So, how come you're not going tonight I got you with your mumbo-jumbo and your (inaudible sound) Whew, boy, I oughta ... If I only could I would, jeez. If you ... Why don't you step outside, pal? I got you with ... this and the ... Mmm, I think I broke a fingernail here."


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