Space Quest II: Chapter II - Vohaul's Revenge Screenshots

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Amiga version

Title screen.
Chapter Two - Vohaul's Revenge
Xenon Orbital Station 4
Start of the game - doing what a janitor does best - cleaning!
Shuttle Bay.
His grossness - Sludge Vohaul!
Vohaul's asteroid base.
Being taking to the slave mines aboard a hovercraft.
Through a twist of fate - the hovercraft has crashed, and you have escaped!
Look at the big trees!
Maybe one of those spores could come in handy?
A root monster blocks your way to the berries.
Going through the swamp.
Trudging through the swamp.
I found a cavern!
Walking along...
Knocked out that sap!
Be careful or you'll fall down the ravine.
Run before they find me!
That ape looks mean.
Heading down a cave.
Which way do I go?
How do I get past that rock?
At the controls of the shuttle.
A display screen on the space ship.
Walking down a hall in Vohaul's base.
Face to face with Vohaul again.
In the escape pod!
Heading down a glass tube.

Apple II version

Title screen, part one
Title screen, part two
The game begins at this space station
As our story begins...
Roger Wilco, in trouble again...
It's Sludge Vohaul!!
Roger Wilco has been usual...
It's another crash landing...
Wandering around this planet...
Hmm, I found a trapped creature...
Be careful of this root monster
Hmm, I found a swamp
Diving into a tunnel
One of Roger's many close encounters with death...
The local wildlife is always trying to eat Roger
The locals are beginning to suspect I'm not from around here...
Uh oh...looks like I'll need some clean underwear!
So where can this cave possibly lead to?
Some underground waterfalls
What a trip! I just fell over a waterfall
Enter Labion Terror Beast...
Just dealing with a guard...
Piloting a spaceship...
Vohaul's asteroid...
Exploring Vohaul's asteroid...what have we here?
Your ability to carry items you find is apparently endless
Sludge Vohaul, at least we meet, for the first time for the last time!
Roger Wilco, in trouble again...apparently by dumb luck

Apple IIgs version

Title screen.
Entering Xenon Orbital Station 4.
Start of the game. Roger's doing a little bit of cleaning outside the space station.
Getting chewed out by an officer.
Drop down menu.

Atari ST version

Title screen
The epic continues
Bringing us up to speed
Starting location
Getting chewed out by the boss
Let's hear it for zero gravity!
Do this, do that... a janitor's work is never done.
Landing bay aboard the space station.
Sludge Vohaul, live in person.
You are now a prisioner of Sludge Vohaul.
Being taken to Sludge Vohaul's mines to work as a slave...
The craft crashed and now you're free1
The jungels of Labion.
They have some big trees on this planet...
More jungle...
Big gorilla!
Valley of the cave beavers.
Underground cavern.
In the water - which way?
A whirlpool.
Ancient structure.
Labion Terror Beast!
The ship landing platform is guarded.
In Vohual's asteroid base.
Hallway in the asteroid base.
Inside elevator.
Level 3.
Aliens in cages.
Xenon Orbital Station 4 (high resolution)
The boss telling Roger about a new, urgent job. (high resolution)
Taking a look at the guy who involuntary broke Roger's fall a few moments ago. (high resolution)

DOS version

Title Screen A
Title Screen B
Start of the game: "Sweating like a pork-beast in a pressure suit while relocating space debris in zero gravity".
Inside the Xenon station during the game's prologue. This is what the game tells you if you type "jump"
The boss is calling you on your wrist watch! Man, what a technology!..
In a room with spacesuits. Showing a bit of the menu
The evil Vohaul tells you about his sinister plan!..
Uh-oh... I hate it when this happens
You crash-land on the planet of Labion
One of the many, many ways to die: step close to a giant mushroom and you'll be drugged to death, accompanied by elaborate and funny messages
Wading through the swamp. Looking at trees and getting a somewhat funny message in return
Your inventory, about a quarter of the game completed
Roger goes diving!
You can't touch any part of this root monster. Lower your walking speed and save often!..
A beautiful view on the surface of Labion. Displaying a typed command
Roger is imprisoned! Oh no!..
You'll need to carefully swing the rope, trying not to get eaten by this monster!
Crawling through a very dark cave with a glowing gem in your mouth. Pretty creative, eh?..
A magnificent underground water cave. Just enjoying the view...
Exploring an underground cavern system. Displaying an inventory item with a description
You've been just eaten by this beast!...
Figure out a way to distract this guard!
A full-screen scene with Roger in a space shuttle. It's interactive, too
Entering Vohaul's base
Visiting a toilet on Vohaul's asteroid. Nice description!
You've been kissed by an alien monster! Way to go, Roger!..
The last segment of the game is dedicated to your confrontation with Vohaul
Oh no! I've been shrunk!
Jump and type, Roger!
Checking out the computer monitor
Exotic trip with a mask on my face late in the game
Title screen (CGA with RGB monitor)
Watch out for the guards (CGA with RGB monitor)
Approaching Vohaul's asteroid (CGA with RGB monitor)
Introduction; the game begins here (CGA with composite monitor)
Sludge Vohaul introduces himself (CGA with composite monitor)
Watch out for this root monster! (CGA with composite monitor).
Title screen (Hercules graphics)
Entering a command pops up a window in the Hercules version (Hercules graphics)
Uh-oh, it's our boss... (Hercules graphics)
Title screen A (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
Title screen B (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
Title screen C (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
Name entry screen
Start of the game (CGA w/Composite Monitor)

Macintosh version

Title screen 1
Title screen 2
Title screen 3
Opening credits
Logging on for duty
About Space Quest 2
Starting the game
In the airlock
The control room
The shuttle bay