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    Robustly detailed and dazzling in its sweep and depth, SPACESHIP WARLOCK is a blazing, swashbuckling, wonder-filled science fiction epic in the grand tradition! Colorful graphics, 3D animation, and an original music score combine to create a cinematic adventure in which YOU become the central character! SPACESHIP WARLOCK is an interactive saga that you can experience again and again!

    You are aboard the Spaceship Belshazzar out of Stambul when the pirate ship WARLOCK attacks. The dark ship shrugs off the Belshazzar's heaviest weapons and the marauders pour through the hull. Captured and taken aboard the pirate vessel, you are about to embark on a journey beyond imagining, a journey across the galaxy in the ultimate adventure...

    Spaceship Warlock features megabytes and megabytes of breathtaking art, animation, digitized sound and music. Presented in a wide-screen letterbox format, it's a graphic adventure of amazing proportions!


    The time is long past when men conquered space and when the great Terran Empire ruled the galaxy—the time before the warships of the evil Kroll darkened suns and destroyed worlds. A pangalactic war was waged that lasted a thousand years — a war that mankind lost. In the end, the powerful Kroll Imperium had moved the planet Terra from its orbit and hidden it deep in guarded Krollian space.

    The rulers of humanity bowed before their conquerers, but a fighting spirit lived on in a Terran progeny that had spread far and wide. A fierce new breed of space pirates plagued the overlordship of alien invaders, striking back at Krollian trade. Led by the legendary pirate, Captain Hammer, they defied the ban of the Kroll and searched uncharted space for Terra, the lost home world. Terra, the richest prize of all...

    Contributed by jean-louis (48323) on Apr 12, 2015.