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Inspired Terraria and bears a resemblance to Dark Souls Xbox 360 Pagen HD (145)

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Windows 13 3.6
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Combined User Score 13 3.6

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Xbox 360Retro Spirit Games (Oct 26, 2012)
To be honest though, Spelunky is a single player game through and through, the mutiplayer is just the bonus cherry on top of the delicious icing on the world's most addictively tasty cake. Spelunky is a fantastic game and a wonderful reminder that the 2D platformer is as relevant and enjoyable today as it was back in its 8-bit and 16-bit glory years. Sure, there will be swearing and tears along the way, but you can never stay mad at Spelunky for long and will soon be back in gaming bliss enjoying the most addictive and downright fun game, not just of 2012, but of all time.
100 (UK) (Aug 08, 2013)
I think I could play Spelunky forever, and now that it has come home to PC, assuring its permanence, I believe I will.
WindowsPC Gamer (Sep 09, 2013)
Straightforward and replayable, Spelunky is precision engineered to make death fair, funny, and a story worth sharing.
Xbox 360Entertainium (Nov 07, 2012)
While it’s easy to find blemishes to a game like this, mostly in its punishing difficult and unfriendliness, it’s even more of a breeze to laud it for exactly the same reasons. We could argue all day about how videogames nowadays are too easy and hold your hand through every step. It’s a valid argument if you are looking to waste time and not get anywhere whatsoever. Or you could just spend those moments learning Spelunky through death, tears, experience and if you are good enough, find plenty of rewards. Those are positively the best kinds of lessons.
Xbox (Jul 18, 2012)
Spelunky is not for everybody out there, but for those that are willing to try something new and have the patience to learn its compelling nuisances they will find an experience that is more rewarding and addicting than almost any other game out there. In life, sometimes taking a chance on something unknown might be the best decision you make. Spelunky might just be the gaming equivalent of that.
WindowsIGN (Aug 06, 2013)
Spelunky is a game that takes experts 10 minutes to complete, but it will take you hours before you’re remotely ready for that challenge. This is a superb 2D platformer that’s as easy to hate as it is to love, and your patience for punishment will be the determining factor. Players who live to overcome abusive challenges and obsess over discovering new things will hunger for Spelunky's deeply rewarding exploration.
WindowsHardcore Gamer Magazine (Aug 12, 2013)
Those who missed out on the XBLA release of Spelunky and want a good tough rogue-like should pick it up from Steam. It’s a little more based on reflexes than most rogue-likes, but even if you find out you’re not that good at it, it is still a riot to watch friends try to get as far as the can before making the wrong step and getting crushed by a boulder.
PlayStation (Sep 11, 2013)
Overall, Spelunky on Vita and PS3 is a great downloadable title to pick up. It ratchets the difficulty up yet always pushes you to be better and just make it a bit farther. If you need something for short bursts of play on the go, or have never checked out this addictive title, give it a shot.
PS (Sep 11, 2013)
Overall, Spelunky on Vita and PS3 is a great downloadable title to pick up. It ratchets the difficulty up yet always pushes you to be better and just make it a bit farther. If you need something for short bursts of play on the go, or have never checked out this addictive title, give it a shot.
WindowsGamingTrend (Aug 07, 2013)
Spelunky is being released on August 8th on Steam, and the hours I’ve already poured into it have sold me on this version. Graphically, it’s far more polished and detailed than the original Spelunky – that alone would justify its purchase price. While the ‘multiplayer’ options are mostly but not entirely a swing and a miss, the added content and the sheer fun of the gameplay more than make up for it. Pick up Spelunky if you’re a fan of actiony roguelike games, supremely challenging platformers, or if you’re simply a gaming masochist who finds themselves griping about how too damn easy games are nowadays.
WindowsGameSpot (Aug 14, 2013)
Returning to this downloadable adventure one year after the original debuted only solidifies how expertly designed it is. Spelunky makes excellent use of its random nature to keep you hooked as you strive to dive ever deeper into the mysterious depths. And if restarting from the beginning seems too much punishment for you to bear, there are shortcuts to open if your skills are honed enough. Completing the tunnel man's tasks teaches you the myriad ways to experience this adventure, so the shortcuts serve as a teaching tool in addition to delivering a tangible reward. The best lesson you can learn is to be humble. As Spelunky proves, hubris spells the doom of many a greedy explorer.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Aug 31, 2012)
Snel te leren en moeilijk te meesteren: Spelunky op XBLA is nog verslavender dan het origineel. Zowel indiefans die de pc-versie speelden als nieuwkomers zullen lang zoet blijven met deze game.
WindowsGiant Bomb (Jul 03, 2012)
The Xbox Live Arcade update of Spelunky is as madly brilliant as it is maddeningly pitiless.
WindowsAbsolute Games ( (Sep 19, 2013)
Первая версия Spelunky вышла на PC еще в конце 2008-го. Тогда игра казалась просто бесплатным экспериментом, но обернулась в результате большим хитом. За прошедшие годы Spelunky переселилась на Xbox 360 в виде HD-ремейка, а сейчас вернулась в родные края в обновленном виде — игра сменила пиксель-арт на приятную рисованную графику, отточила базовые механики и обзавелась энциклопедией и хорошим обучающим режимом. Однако внутри это все та же простая, но невероятно веселая аркада. В Spelunky нет глубокого сюжета, но он ей и не нужен: игра рассказывает увлекательные истории прямо на ходу — в этом ей помогает удачная механика, отличный генератор уровней и быстрая смена партий.
Xbox 360Digitally Downloaded (Jul 23, 2012)
But that’s just me. I like retro RPGs still, and plenty of other gamers our there are going to love this game. Just go in prepared for something that could become very frustrating.
80 (Sep 26, 2013)
Spelunky je skvělá zábava, ale když se občas nedaří, tak právě tu zábavu hodí za hlavu a svádí k neurotickému poškubávání oka. Přesto se řadí mezi nejlepší plošinovky posledních let.
WindowsRiot Pixels (Sep 03, 2013)
Несколько лет назад Spelunky была уникальным феноменом. Теперь, когда её идеи развили Super House of the Dead Ninjas, Binding of Isaac и Rogue Legacy, она — только первая среди равных. Нововведения ремейка хотя и будут приятны фанатам, но не подарят игре вторую молодость.
Xbox (Jul 04, 2012)
Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass es so motivierend es sein kann, automatisch generierte, verführerisch blinkende Schatzgrotten zu erforschen. Vor allem die vielen coolen Extras und Waffen machen Spaß. Beim Schwierigkeitsgrad haben die Entwickler es aber stark übertrieben: Er sorgt zwar für Spannung, aber auch für derart viele Frustmomente und Neustarts, dass mir nach hunderten von Toden die Lust vergangen ist. Wer eine Engelsgeduld besitzt, Super Meat Boy im Schlaf beherrscht oder ein Faible dafür hat, sich durch Titel wie The Binding of Isaac durchzubeißen, kann ruhig zugreifen – und rund zehn Prozent auf die Wertung aufschlagen. Durchschnittlich begabte Jump-n-Run-Fans sollten sich den Kauf aber gut überlegen.
PlayStation (Aug 23, 2011)
Nur die Harten werden das Ende der zehnten Höhle sehen. Spelunker ist quasi ein Synonym für abgrundtiefe Tödlichkeit. Obwohl das an Mario, Pitfall und Digger erinnernde Abenteuer unter Tage verflixt gefährlich ist, obwohl das Spielprinzip reichlich antiquiert und die Kulisse alles andere als berauschend ist, kann ich nicht aufhören - denn es ist nicht unfair, man kann jede Situation meistern. Angry Birds kann ich mal fünf Minuten spielen, aber Spelunker beschäftigt mich für Tage. Trotzdem wirkt es gegen aktuelle Plattformer à la Outland wie ein ungehobeltes Relikt. Die Steuerung ist nicht nur penibel, sie kann so frustrierend sein, dass man gerade in der ersten Stunde in einen Zustand des obszönen Permaflluchens verbannt wird - man sollte Frau und Kinder nicht in der Nähe haben. Aber dann will man sich an diesen Absturzverbrechern von Irem rächen, eiskalt und geduldig. Hat man sich erstmal an den schweren Einstieg gewöhnt, wird es später sogar angenehm fordernd!
Xbox 360UOL Jogos (Aug 02, 2012)
Apesar do visual colorido e bonitinho, que lembra agradáveis aventuras da era 16-bits, "Spelunky" traz um altíssimo desafio, o que pode tornar a experiência frustrante para alguns jogadores. Tal qual "Dark Souls", o game brilha ao ofecer um desafio ferrenho, mas recompensas que premiam a dedicação de quem joga e controles que, uma vez dominados, permitem superar as dificuldades.