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Spelunky Screenshots

User Screenshots

PS Vita version

Splash screen (Trial version)
Autosave icon warning (Trial version)
Story premise (Trial version)
Main title (Trial version)
Main menu (Trial version)
Gameplay controls (Trial version)
Game options (Trial version)
Selecting your adventurer (Trial version)
Sliding down the rope and into the dark cavern (Trial version)
Found another adventurer's journal (Trial version)
Reliving Yang's adventure as a tutorial (Trial version)
Jump on a snake to kill it (Trial version)
This will require jumping in a narrow space (Trial version)
Items inventory (Trial version)

Windows version

Intro cutscene.
Title screen.
Main menu.
Selecting game mode. The Daily Challenge Mode is exclusive to the Steam and PSN releases.
Selecting your character. Up to 4 players can play co-op in the same screen.
Starting a new game. You can only enter the cave after completing the tutorial.
The tutorial: you find a lost journal.
The tutorial: basic movements are taught.
Using a rock to disarm those two arrow traps. The damsel is crying for help just to the right.
Take this idol to the exit for extra money, but beware, lifting it will trigger a trap!
The journal tells you the game is over. Here you can see the statistics for the last game.
After finding the Tunnel Man in the end of an area and helping him cave a tunnel you'll be able to start the cave from a bit further.
Thoughout the game you'll find shops where you can buy items, hire help or even kisses to restore health.
The forest is the second area in the game. Here you'll find new enemies like that monkey who'll steal money from you.
After throwing the Tiki Man in those spikes I stole his boomerang. Nasty behavior in such a cute game.
One of "restless undead" levels that can sometimes occur in the jungle level set
Oh noes! I'm hunted by the spooky indestructible ghost!
Thank you fireman for burning all these brutes
OK, if ANYTHING happens in shops and such, even if it's not your fault, it's YOU who'll be blamed.
You can hire a bold guy to aid you
But that, most often, won't do any good for you. Or for that guy.
Lake of piranhas and Old Bitey
In the Ice Caverns you can find an alternative level exit - to Alien mothership. Unfortunately, I don't have enough ropes to reach it.
The Temple. And it's dark (happens occasionally), so I'd better carry a torch
The mummies are tough to kill and also rather disgusting
Multiplayer deathmatch - selecting arena
Multiplayer deathmatch - game in progress. Pure chaos, frankly
Multiplayer deathmatch - we have a winner
Multiplayer deathmatch - another arena
In the ice caverns with a "psycho presence" level feeling. Means, there's a crashed UFO and Alien Lord here.
You journal is updated with new places, items and monsters as you encounter, take, kill or get killed by these.
Inside a crashed UFO
Daily challenge - my position in the leaderboards among other Steam users that day. Actually, it's a bad score and an my position would get lower as more people play.
If you manage to get the damsel to the exit, she'll kiss you (giving you another heart), even if your character's a robot
Inside the Alien mothership
Here's the mighty Olmec, the boss of world 4
I've got a shotgun! Should watch recoil though.
One of secret levels - inside the worm's belly
Jetpack is the ultimate solution for traversing levels
In another secret level, unlocked a new character
Playing as Super Meat Boy, holding a shield (very powerful thing)
If you cause too much ruckus is shops, the shopkeepers will hunt you down
Teleporting (only for pro players!)
I managed to grab the powerful Anubis' specter
In the options screen, among other things, you can select the looks of your damsel - maybe you'd rather have a dog or a boy (if you're into these things, or if you're actually a gamer girl)
Two-payer co-op. When a player dies he can still float around as a ghost and influence things slightly (by blowing at them)

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