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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - 2600 (US):

    Spider Fighter™

    Conceived and designed by Larry Miller.
    For one Spider Fighter at a time.

    Now, don't get itchy. But, there are bugs in this box. Lots and lots and lots of creepy, crawly, pesky spiders.

    And, they want your fruit. Your plump gropes, juicy oranges, picture-perfect strawberries, and, oh-my-gosh, there go your bananas!

    You've got to stop 'ern. Got to stomp 'em. Got to smite 'em and fight 'em with all your might. Because if you don't, they won't just get your fruit, they'll get you!

    Spider Fighter™. No joke. No picnic. A real knockdown, dragout spider fight—from Activision!

    Use Joystick Controllers.
    All Activision video game cartridges are covered by Activision's limited one-year warranty. See details enclosed.

    This Activision video game cartridge may also be used with the Sears Tele-Games® Video Arcade™.

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