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GameCube version

Main Title
Game's opening starts with the well known list of movie actors.
As the game starts, Bruce Campbell will be your narrator and guide to any missions, moves, or questions that ought to be explained.
Going up, down, left or right, it's all equally easy when you're agile as a spider.
Tying a thief to a lightpost will teach him a lesson not to steal purses anymore.
Each sub-quest done will reward you with a small amount of hero points.
There are dozens of places, indoor and outdoor, you can visit at your leisure while exploring the city complex.
These guys don't seem to like your dancing, better teach them a lesson.
During any kind of fight, if your head flashes, means you can and should very quickly dodge as something is about to hit you, whether it's a fist or a projectile.
Peter's room
You can use double-net to catapult yourself to move quickly at larger distances.
You can propel yourself in the sky if you time and fill your jumping gauge.
Game is split into chapters which are done by finishing the tasks in your to-do list.
Day/night cycles are active throughout the game all the time and the city will act accordingly.
Green markers will provide you with sometimes useful sometimes funny hints and comments.
You can upgrade your skills in any local store, assuming you have enough hero points.
Talking to pedestrians will initiate sub-quest which either about helping people or stopping the criminals.
This guy's gonna fall if Spidey doesn't do something.
Saving the clumsy worker from falling to his certain death.
You can act like a regular citizen, but the fact is, you are a super-hero, so walking instead of swinging is just not going to earn you any points for your special-reflexes gauge.
Mostly when surrounded you won't know who is punching and who's getting punched except by looking at the health bars.
Kicking the thug while in the air is one of the ways to avoid being surrounded.
Use your web to tie enemies when surrounded and concentrate on single target.

Xbox version

Spider-Man, without the costume. In other words, Peter Parker.
Use this icon to change into and out of your Spider-Man costume.
Mysterio, the second main villain you fight.
The movie actors voice their characters.
The Daily Bugle, where Peter Park works.
Gee, I wonder who published this game?
Beating up a thug in mid-air.
An arcade. Wonder if I can play some games.
A comic book store. How appropriate.
Fighting crime all day can make a man tired.
Returning a suitcase to a grateful citizen.
Those guys are stealing a car!
Damaging a car to get the thugs to jump out.
Meeting Mary Jane and Harry for dinner, finally.
Grab the man before he falls!
You can go inside buildings, but not all of them are useful.
These markers start challenges, which are usually timed races.
A skyscraper token, found only on..... skyscrapers.
Nice view of New York, even though I'm falling to my death.
More crime... stop this armored car robbery!
Swinging through New York on a nice night.
Who is this sexy, mysterious lady? Mrrrrow!
Ah, almost to our destination.
The pause screens lists what you've done and what you have to do.
Almost three minutes to get to my destination, swinging through New York at night.
Gee, I wonder whose going to stop this robbery...
Looks like we've got competition for Mary Jane.
Chasing Black Cat. Like her name implies, she's fast.
Time to kick the asses of some baddies.
You can buy over twenty upgrades at the store.