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NES 6 2.1
Combined User Score 6 2.1

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Graphics and gameplay are adequate, but the biggest flaw is the music: there’s only one song loop. Still, it’s a strong game, and arguably the best religious one on the NES.
67 (Jun, 2013)
Spiritual Warfare is an enormous Legend of Zelda-ripoff, from the city layout to the non-linear exploring to, well, just about any way you can imagine. Despite the game’s lack of original design, it is so bizarre in its application of biblical teachings that it’s worth a playthrough just to experience it; particularly if you were raised in church or have studied the Bible. Just remember: Christians don’t actually throw literal or metaphorical fruit at people to convert them. Spiritual Warfare is Gnostic, at best.
40 (Jun 29, 2006)
In the end, Spiritual Warfare was doomed to be left in the past as nothing more than a quirky side note in gaming history. But Wisdom Tree was asking for it. Their inability to generate a halfway believable concept (even by the loose standards of an industry that thrives on supersonic hedgehogs and plumbers who bounce on turtles) and their total lack of effort when it came to upgrading their work for a more advanced system simply slapped a big "PAN ME" sticker on the front of this cartridge. Maybe someday, somewhere, someone will create the Christian adventure game we've all been anticipating for so long. One so good it will wash out the bitter taste left in our mouths by the sub par efforts that went before it... like this one.
28 (Mar 01, 2006)
Spiritual Warfare is yet another Bible-inspired Nintendo game from those nutty folks over at Wisdom Tree. Basically, this is a Zelda-clone. Instead of Triforce fragments you're trying to collect the different parts of the armor of God, and instead of different swords you get different fruit to throw at sinners as you convert the city. So really, aside from obvious stylistic similarities, comparing Zelda to Spiritual Warfare is a lot like comparing eating cupcakes to being stabbed in the eye with, let's say, a crucifix.
DOSPC Review (UK) (Jun, 1994)
The devil may not have all the good tunes, but on these standards he seems to have all the good games. Spiritual Warfare would try the patience of a saint. Or Cliff Richard. Save Our Souls from tedious, pious and over-priced software.