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Spiritual Warfare Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Starting a new game
Finding your first fruit (weapon)
In the Park
First Boss
In the Slums
The second boss guards the Breastplate of Righteousness
In the Airport
In the Houses
You can go to the Church for help on finding the armor you need
In the Warehouses
The third boss guards the Boots of Peace and drops seeking bombs that turn glowing bricks into ladders
At the Hotels
At the Shipyard
At the Beach
The game also uses a top-down view in some places
The fourth boss throws bombs at you to stop you from getting the Helmet of Salvation
In the Woods
The fifth boss guards the the Sword of the Spirit by dropping balloons and his cronies push you with barrels
At the Prison
One of the six Demon's Lairs
The sixth boss guards the Shield of Faith by dropping demons from the ceiling

Genesis version

Title screen
Starting the game
Entrance to the underground in the park
In the underground
Entrance to boss 1's lair
Fighting the first boss
I got the Belt of Wisdom
If I have enough faith, I can get the apple (a weapon)
I see an angel!
If you touch the angel, you can answer questions for doves. Answer all correct and also get to hearts refilled.
The slums
The suburbs
The end/continue screen with my password.

NES version

Title screen
Beginning the new game
To get the raft, you will need Samson's Jawbone first
An entrance underground in the park
In the underground
Found the Belt of Wisdom. This allows you to move things.
I can "buy" the apple (a weapon)
I see an angel flying around
If you touch the angel, you will be asked trivia questions for doves. Get them all correct and also get 2 heart refills.
A train station. I need the ticket to ride.
In a downtown building
At a spiritual store
In the slums
I died and I can continue or end. Here is my password.