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Critic Reviews

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Strictly for fans of the series and of sports generally. If you are one of these people, get your hands on Sporting Triangles, one of the most playable quiz games since Trivial Pursuit.
ZX SpectrumComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Jan, 1990)
As playable as the Amiga version, although loading time is a bit of a bugbear. Graphics have transferred well, pictorial clues being easily recognisable. A playable sports trivia game but only recommended to ardent sports freaks.
Amstrad CPCComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Jan, 1990)
Practically a spitting image of the Spectrum conversion, boasting all of the good points of the other two.
Commodore 64ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Nov, 1989)
Ich habe mich ein paar Male an SPORTING TRIANGLES rangesetzt und festgestellt, daß es mir gefällt. Allerdings sollte man sich nun mal endlich Gedanken machen, ob es nicht sinnvoll wäre, eine französische, italienische oder eben auch deutsche Version zu erstellen, da ich der festen Überzeugung bin, daß diese Art von Games sicherlich fürs breite Publikum äußerst interessant ist.
AmigaAmiga Format (Jan, 1990)
If you like trivia games - and sports ones especially - then you could have a lot of fun, but if you don't like trivia games and you don't take too much interest in sport then you'd be wasting your time with this. Otherwise, the fairest thing that can be said is that it's fine if you like this sort of thing. 'Nuff said.
ZX SpectrumSinclair User (Dec, 1989)
Sporting Triangles is a reasonable conversion of a pretty silly idea. Neither fab or poor, it doesn't deserve to be ignored, but it hardly demands attention either.
Atari STST Action (Jan, 1990)
Sporting Triangles follows the T.V. programme closely and a rendition of the theme tune plays whilst loading. The tune is fairly good, as are the graphics, but most of the pictures are not animated which is disappointing. The game is at its best when playing against your friend because I found the computer was a lot better than me, even when it was set at the easiest level. Sporting Triangles is a good game for fans of the T.V. show and sports buff alike.
ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair (Dec, 1989)
The graphics are clear and colourful, although they're not required to jump about and explode like they do in most games, and the whole thing's got a nice professional sheen to it. Basing a game around this TV prog obviously wasn't a great idea. At least that has Dennis Taylor's plankton-like witticisms to draw your attention away from the yawn inducingness of it all. Still. If sport's your 'thang', no doubt you'll be spookily drawn to it, despite your better judgement.