Spot Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Options screen
Editing a board
A game has begun!
Spot comes to life, preparing to take over the opponent's pieces.
He stomps the ground to flip over 3 pieces.
Break it down!
The new Moonwalker?
Many moves later, and green has a big advantage over red.....
And eventually, green wins, and I lose.

Atari ST version

Publisher / developer logo
Main menu
Choose # of players, game/move time and difficulty level
Game start
Jumping in to take those 3 spaces
A two-pronged attack now
Spot always appears in red, even if another team is moving
Green taking lots of red spaces
One of the other levels - lots of gaps here
Another one. Of them.

DOS version

Main menu
Green player seems to be winning.
7up Title (VGA)
Copyright (VGA)
Copyright (EGA)
Title 2 (VGA only)
Edit board (VGA)
Start Game (VGA)
Pause (VGA)
7up Title (EGA)
Main menu (EGA)
Options (EGA)
Options (EGA)
Edit board (EGA)
Start Game (EGA)

Game Boy version

Title Screen
I'm losing...
No more squares.

NES version

Title screen
Main menu
Creating your own level.
The enemy approaches...
This doesn't look good...
"Can you dance like an Egyptian?"