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daaaaaaaaaaaa dum, daaaaaaaaaaaaa, da dum!! Spy Hunter comes back with style. PlayStation 2 Kartanym (12768)

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Platform Votes Score
GameCube 10 3.6
Macintosh Awaiting 5 votes...
PlayStation 2 22 3.4
Windows 6 3.1
Xbox 6 2.6
Combined User Score 44 3.3

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PlayStation 2games xtreme (Oct 22, 2001)
Why take an old eight-bit arcade game and make it into something it’s not? This was the first thing that I said when I found out that they were remaking Spy hunter, an old, old favourite of mine. I couldn’t have been far wrong and for once I’m so glad. Yes you see Spy hunter for the PS2 is a good solid Arcade Action game that blends racing fun with frenetic driving skills and button mashing to blast foes into oblivion and it really is that good. It’s an adrenaline charged race against the clock, the poor driving skills often of the player and the evil bad guys who turn up in such vast numbers one could be forgiven in asking if they were handing out the annual ‘Most Evil Sod of the Year’ awards.
PlayStation 2Gamezilla (Oct 30, 2001)
With the exception of Ico, this is the most fun I’ve had playing a PS2 game ever. With dramatic, arcade style action and a cool car that just won’t quit, Spy Hunter is definitely an instant classic and well worth purchasing for anyone’s collection. The only real drawback to the game is that I could’ve kept playing a lot longer (14 missions just ain’t enough, even when they’re as long and as detailed as these), and would’ve liked the multiplayer capability more if it just had more options instead of one race mode.
In any event, SpyHunter ranks up there with the amazing Tempest 2000 as one of the best remakes ever made for a classic game, and I can't wait to see if any sequels will be planned (to hopefully include a classic version as well). SpyHunter shoots and scoots its way to 4 1/2 GiN Gems. And for all those who are thinking about making a classic remake, I recommend they give Paradigm a call to learn a thing or two.
PlayStation 2Game industry News (GiN) (2001)
In any event, SpyHunter ranks up there with the amazing Tempest 2000 as one of the best remakes ever made for a classic game, and I can't wait to see if any sequels will be planned (to hopefully include a classic version as well). SpyHunter shoots and scoots its way to 4 1/2 GiN Gems. And for all those who are thinking about making a classic remake, I recommend they give Paradigm a call to learn a thing or two.
GameCubeGamePro (US) (Apr 23, 2002)
After making appearances on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, Spy Hunter is finally touching down on the GameCube. As in the other two versions, you are behind the wheel of the G-6155 Interceptor, the coolest transformable car/speedboat in the entire world. There are 14 missions to blast through, each with a set of objectives that must be completed to unlock newer stages. These missions rarely take more than five minutes to finish, but they’re not officially done until every objective is completed in one run. This can take lots of retries, especially in the later missions, but the game fortunately never graduates to sheer frustration.
PlayStation 2GamersMark (Oct 08, 2001)
Overall this is the first of many must have games to be released on the PS2, Spy Hunter is defiantly worth the money, And best of all there is no crappy movie license attached.
PlayStation 2IGN (Oct 02, 2001)
SpyHunter for PlayStation 2 is one of Midway's best arcade games in years because it provides an incredible level of racing thrills with a respectable quantity of blasting and action, but more to the point, it's not been messed up. The game is relatively deep, but more importantly, the enemy doesn't just get super cheap near the end, and the game neither appears rushed nor is it overly simplified. Think of it as a combination of the original SpyHunter and Beetle Adventure Racing.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (Nov, 2001)
Most retro titles try to get by on nostalgia alone, but this is not the case here. Even if you weren’t born when the original made a splash in the arcades, you’ll still find Spy Hunter to be a first-rate car combat game.
PlayStation 2PSX Extreme (Oct 12, 2001)
Spy Hunter is an excellent Playstation 2 title with tons of extra features that should keep most gamers going for a while. The game really appealed to me with its action, and should be likewise for many of you out there. With AAA PS2 titles coming left and right on the PS2 gamers are finding themselves in a jam of a mess. Spy Hunter, while not the most worthy videogame among every other first rate PS2 game soon to be released, does deserve to be played. Whether you buy it, rent it or borrow it as long as your playing Spy Hunter, you've done yourself a favor.
PlayStation (Oct 29, 2001)
Der Sprung in die 3D-Welt ist hervorragend gelungen. Fans der Urfassung werden trotz des modernen Gewands viel vom alten Spy Hunter wiedererkennen. Vor allem ist es Midway gelungen, den Spielspaß herüber zu retten. Die Jagd nach Spionen gestaltet sich als äußerst kurzweilige und actionreiche Arcade-Kost vom Feinsten, auch wenn minimale Kamera- und Steuerungsprobleme für kleine Frustmomente sorgen. Doch eine in jeder Hinsicht überdurchschnittliche Grafik und hervorragende Sounduntermalung machen diese Mankos mehr als wett. Fans von Renn-Action-Spielen haben mit Spy Hunter vorerst den heiligen Gral gefunden. Anhänger des Originals können sowieso ohne zu Überlegen zugreifen.
PlayStation 2Gaming Target (Nov 06, 2001)
On the whole, Spy Hunter is a great game. Not in the same league as ICO or Devil May Cry or Metal Gear Solid 2, but it’s a solid game that deserves to be played. For some it may be a little short, but I don’t find that to be true. The difficulty level is pretty even and never cheap (except the thing with objectives; in this case I mean enemy AI), which extends playtime. If you loved the original rendition of this game, by all means purchase it because it will definitely bring back that old-school feeling, just this time – the game has finally caught up with the time period it’s supposed to be in.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (Nov, 2001)
There were a couple of minor things that bugged me about the game, like how unpredictable reverse was, or that restart wasn’t the X button, but overall I enjoyed this game quite a bit. It’s not rocket science, but it is a good time, and a solid product that will please old and new fans alike.
PlayStation 2The Video Game Critic (Oct 16, 2001)
The controls take a while to learn, but are responsive overall. Spy Hunters fine graphics and breakneck pace will keep your adrenaline flowing. My biggest complaint is that everything is locked initially, including the two player split-screen mode. Otherwise, Spy Hunter is a worthy successor to a classic arcade game.
83 (Jul 13, 2002)
Der Sprung in die 3D-Welt ist zwar spielerisch gut gelungen, technisch wäre auf der Xbox aber definitiv mehr möglich gewesen. Dennoch: Fans der Urfassung werden trotz des modernen Gewands viel vom alten Spy Hunter wiedererkennen. Vor allem ist es Midway gelungen, den Spielspaß herüber zu retten. Die Jagd nach Spionen gestaltet sich als äußerst kurzweilige und actionreiche Arcade-Kost vom Feinsten, auch wenn minimale Kamera- und Steuerungsprobleme für kleine Frustmomente sorgen. Auch die nicht ganz Xbox-optimierte Grafik sorgt für die eine oder andere Sorgenfalte, die jedoch von der hervorragenden Sounduntermalung wieder etwas glatt gebügelt wird. Fans von Renn-Action-Spielen haben mit Spy Hunter vorerst den heiligen Gral gefunden und dürfen sich zudem noch am mitgelieferten Original laben.
PlayStation 2GameZone (Oct 15, 2001)
If you liked the old game, you’ll most likely like this one. If you’re new to the series, you’ll probably still enjoy this game when you give it a go round. There’s no slackers on the Midway team when it comes to Spyhunter – so take it for a test drive when you can!
PlayStation 2Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Nov 05, 2001)
While it may not appeal to everyone, Spy Hunter manages to capture the same magic that made it a classic in 1983, while being completely updated to take advantage of the PS2′s significant processor power. Lovingly rendered in full 3D, the action has been modified to put targets above and around you, forcing you to account for their presence and the massive damage they can inflict from their perches. The addition of mid-level transitions between land and water also makes for exciting differences in the controls while simultaneously provisioning for some simply amazing environments. Clearly inspired by the Bond films, developed with love and ready to pay homage to its origins, this new Spy Hunter is a must-have for any fans of arcade or combat driving, and certainly worth a look if you have any nostalgic memories of the original.
MacintoshmacHOME (2003)
The only real criticism that can be leveraged against Spyhunter is controller support. Looking at the options menu, it's obvious that the game has been designed to support third-party controllers such as game-pads or joysticks. Unfortunately, we were unable to get Spyhunter to recognize and utilize anything other than a standard keyboard and mouse. This is somewhat disappointing given that a game like this with simple, linear control lends itself so well to gamepads in particular. Spyhunter may be nothing more than a bubblegum shooter game with no more depth than a glossy magazine ad, but if you're looking for quick, no-nonsense thrills, this is the one.
PlayStation 2PSM (Nov, 2001)
Spy Hunter's control and visuals are top-notch, plus its missions are surprisingly varied and there's loads of action to be had. Despite the several secondary objectives in each mission, though, the game is over before you know it. Thankfully, it's much sweeter than it is short, but you'll definitely be left wanting more - and it's hopefully on the way.
PlayStation 2Super Play (Sweden) (Oct, 2001)
Spy Hunter är inte direkt revolutionerande, det utvecklar ju bara sitt eget koncept. Ett koncpt som dessutom flera gånger har setts i filmens värld. Det Paradigm däremot lyckas med i spelet är att skapa en effektiv och actionladdad stämning. Det är svårt att slita sig från spelet, enda gången man kan göra så är när man måste gå tillbaka till redan avklarade uppdrag för att samla tillräckligt med poäng för att låsa upp nästa bana. Men denna lilla nackdel ter sig som en droppe i havet, för Spy Hunter är ett bra spel.
MacintoshAppleLinks.Com (Aug 28, 2003)
The treats of the game were the animated sequences. Before the first level and after every following one there was a sequence, usually of you escaping from the bad guys once again. My only complaint was that, occasionally, parts of the car looked very flat and camera movement was sometimes jerky. Other than that, they were extremely clean and well made. In many places, they were comparable to Blizzard's (the company that created games such as Warcraft and Diablo) animations. Definitely worth recognition in this review.
PlayStation 2GamePro (US) (Sep 20, 2001)
What works is the Tony Hawk style level advancement where you earn points through objectives to open up later levels. This gives replayability to game that could have been sorely lacking it. Graphics are fast and smooth, but the soundtrack is mediocre except for the classic theme song. Controls are responsive but a little unwieldy at times. Overall, this new Spy Hunter is great pick-up-and-play, arcade-style fun.
GameCubeDeaf Gamers (2002)
Spyhunter is a must for fans of the original arcade/Sinclair Spectrum version. The missions all feel true to the original game and for this the developers must be commended. They have even thrown in a few multiplayer games which are decent affairs and will keep you and a friend entertained for a while. Spyhunter does have a few niggles for the deaf game but nothing that spoils the experience of the game, if vehicular combat/car chase games are your thing then Spyhunter is your only real choice on GameCube.
GameCubeGameZone (Mar 25, 2002)
Spyhunter may be a throwback to that original arcade game, but this old friend never looked so good, or was as welcomed. Perhaps there is a bias toward the game because of fond memories, but this game is a joy to play.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (Sep 27, 2001)
If you were to slap a 007 license on this game, it would be one of the best James Bond games yet. As it stands, it's a solid reinterpretation of a video game classic that adds its own unique elements to the franchise without forsaking what made Spy Hunter what it was.
WindowsGameZone (Sep 18, 2003)
Overall, this is a game that shouldn't be taken too seriously, but can be quite a bit of fun. It's hardly innovative - it really doesn't bring much new to the genre. But what it does do here is reasonably solid, and is definitely a worthy remake of a classic arcade title - and that's a lot more than other "revival" titles have going for them. If you were a fan of the old game, or just want to see what it's about, don't hesitate to give it a go. It's no "must-have", but if you're in need of a game and haven't tried it yet, it's worth a look.
PlayStation 2Game Revolution (Oct, 2001)
Spy Hunter is. It brings a legendary game into the next-generation with good graphics, tight control and solid if redundant gameplay. It might not be Goldfinger, but it's a far cry from Moonraker.
PlayStation (Nov 02, 2001)
Anfangs macht Spy Hunter ja wirklich Spaß. Wenn man aber später einige Strecken weit über zehn mal spielen muss, nur um auch wirklich jedes Nebenziel zu erfüllen, kann das ungeduldige Gemüter schon nerven. Wer sich der Herausforderung stellt, braucht gute Nerven und eine hohe Reaktionsgeschwindigkeit.
PlayStation (Nov 06, 2001)
Mielenkiintoista on sen sijaan se, miksi uusi Spy Hunter on tuomittu unholaan ja vanha taas elää ikuisesti. Lyön nimittäin vetoa, että Midwaylla on ajateltu vanhan Spy Hunter -formaatin olevan liian simppeli nykypelaajille, "eihän tuollainen pelkkä räiskintä voi ketään kiinnostaa". Vaan juuri sellaisena tämäkin olisi toiminut; paljon vauhtia, aseita ja räjähdyksiä eikä tällaista tyhmää nysväämistä kenttätavoitteiden perässä, yhden väärän reittivalinnan tuhotessa koko kentän suorituksen. Jälleen todiste teorialleni siitä, että kaikki oikeasti merkityksellinen tapahtui 80-luvulla.
PlayStation 2All Game Guide (2001)
Midway has definitely scored a success with their update of this arcade classic with a devoted following, offering an exciting ride that successfully expands on the aspects that made the original so popular.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (Aug 26, 2003)
In short, Spy Hunter is a fun concept with some serious flaws in its execution. Things like the graphics issues and unresponsive controls might be able to be resolved with patches; we’ll have to see if such fixes become available. This might be a title to pick up when it goes on sale.
GameCubeGameSpy (Apr 14, 2002)
Spy Hunter is a good title, but also frustrating because of its PS2-quality graphics. The PS2 version shipped in September, so making us wait for a PS2 game on GameCube until March was cruel. At the end of the day Spy Hunter is a quality game with a few glaring flaws, but fun nonetheless.
XboxGame Critics (Feb 27, 2002)
In the end, SpyHunter is a decent remake and given the competition, is perhaps one of the better ones. Paradigm Entertainment managed to keep the arcade gameplay in tact—for better or worse—and put together a good game. Ordinarily all you can ask is that they at least match whatever positives were in the original, but in the case of SpyHunter that means it hasnt risen about a primitive arcade game released almost two decades ago. SpyHunter is little more than a graphical update to an arcade classic. It isn't horrible, but it's hardly a compelling release.
XboxIGN (Mar 12, 2002)
Spy Hunter isn't quite the playboy spy-action thriller it wants to be. This is more Larry Flynt than Hugh Hefner. It gets the job done, but it could be so much classier. A direct port of a game that came out several months ago on an older platform just won't cut the mustard anymore.
GameCubeIGN (Mar 13, 2002)
SpyHunter is satisfyingly challenging vehicular racer and combat game. Developer Paradigm Entertainment did a fine job of recreating the franchise in 3D complete with tight controls, lots of mission variety, difficult objectives, lots of weapons and the ability to morph into different vehicles in different situations, and more. There's even a two-player mode thrown in for added benefit, albeit hard to access if one's unwilling to devote some serious time and energy to the single-player mode first.
GameCube64 Power / big.N / N Games (Apr, 2002)
Eigentlich könnte man ja erwarten, dass die GameCube-Version von Spy Hunter einige Neuerungen enthält oder zumindest technisch etwas aufgepeppt wurde. Leider ist dies nicht der Fall. Dass aber die Umsetzung des PS2-Spiels auf eine stärkere Hardware einen technischen Rückschritt nach sich zieht, kommt dann doch nicht alle Tage vor. Besonders in grafischer Hinsicht hinkt die GameCube-Version ganz klar hinterher. Das fängt schon mit der Framerate an, die nur in Ausnahmefällen mal für ein paar Sekunden bei 60 Bildern pro Sekunde bleibt. Sobald sich ein paar mehr Objekte auf dem Bildschirm befinden, geht die Grafik-Engine schon merklich in die Knie. Die Fahrzeuge sehen noch ganz ordentlich aus, die Texturen der Umgebungsgrafik sind jedoch oft ziemlich verpixelt. Vor allem Explosionen (und davon gibt es reichlich) sehen nach heutigen Maßstäben schon richtig veraltet aus. Zusammen mit der kurzen Spieldauer bleibt Spy Hunter dann doch eher uninteressant.
GameCubeGameSpot (Mar 15, 2002)
The PlayStation 2 remake of Spy Hunter was a pleasant surprise, as it capably delivered in all the categories that a Spy Hunter fan would expect it to. While it's almost identical to the PlayStation 2 version, the GameCube version is made slightly less desirable by the choppy, somewhat pixilated graphics.
XboxGameSpot (Mar 11, 2002)
As we all know, history has a way of repeating itself, and this maxim rings no truer than in the field of video games. Popular games tend to spawn sequels and imitations ad nauseum, and classic titles are often recycled by publishers looking to cash in on existing name recognition. Midway has certainly been guilty of squeezing its franchises for everything they're worth and then some, but its PlayStation 2 remake of Spy Hunter qualified as more of a revival than a cash-in. But there's a new facet to the repetition of history, where publishers will take a game from one platform and port it to every other modern console. Spy Hunter for the Xbox is just one of these ports. For the most part, it makes good on the PlayStation 2 version, but it's dragged down by somewhat problematic graphics.
PlayStation (Dec 07, 2001)
Sans vraiment parvenir à convaincre ni dans le domaine de l'action ni dans celui du jeu de course, Spy Hunter surprend surtout par son rythme frénétique et ses missions à grand-spectacle. Conçu comme un jeu d'arcade, le titre de Midway avoue rapidement ses limites en terme d'intérêt et de durée de vie.
65 (Jun 20, 2003)
Spy Hunter is a remake of the old game we all know and love. The game sets you behind the wheel of an incredible vehicle with some interesting choices in weaponry. The graphics are stunning and offer a plethora of visuals to keep your eyes happy. The sound track fits the theme of driving really fast trying to complete your objects. The game play, unfortunately, doesn’t offer as much as the visuals or audio.
XboxTeamXbox (Mar 13, 2002)
If you played the original years and years ago, SpyHunter on the Xbox will be like stepping back into your favorite pair of shoes. You’ll have a great time playing, but you won’t be overly impressed by any extras we would have wanted to see over the PS2 version. If you played the PS2 version, then you have already played this version. The only bonus is that the Xbox version includes the original arcade title, which to me as much fun if not more fun than the new one. I’m still a sucker for the classics. If you haven’t played the PS2 version, SpyHunter would be a nice rental because you will probably be able to beat it before you have to take it back.
XboxGame Chronicles (Mar 31, 2002)
SpyHunter offers up some slick menus, a jazzy soundtrack, and some challenging gameplay and unique level designs. There is always something new with each mission and the limited freedom to explore the levels opens the game up for some moderate replay value. If you have a PS2 then you will want to definitely get that version. If your only alternative is to play SpyHunter on the Xbox, then you have been warned. It's a shame that an otherwise excellent game is literally ruined with poor graphics and sound.
XboxGameZone (Mar 27, 2002)
As big of a SpyHunter fan as I was from back in the old days, I was really disappointed with this remake overall. Not that it wasn’t fun or I didn’t enjoy it, but it was way too short and graphically didn’t meet my expectations of a next – gen gaming title. I highly recommend that you grab this at your nearest game rental store prior to making a final commitment to purchasing it.
MacintoshMac Addict (Nov, 2003)
Once you load your machine with 10.2.6, you'll get crisp graphics, great background music (remember Henry Mancini's Peter Gunn theme?), and high-speed action. Arcade-style combat games may not appeal to everyone, but the explosive pace of this one should prove especially compelling for racing and action fans.
MacintoshMacworld (Oct 01, 2003)
SpyHunter is a fun arcade-style driving romp, a genre we don't have enough of on the Mac. Its age and some stability issues work against it, but fans of the original and curious newcomers will find plenty to enjoy.
WindowsGameSpot (Sep 03, 2003)
Though there was nothing groundbreaking about it, the original PlayStation 2 version of Spy Hunter was a pleasant surprise simply because it was a capable update of the classic Spy Hunter formula. Even in a no-frills package, had it been faithfully ported to the PC, Spy Hunter would still be pretty entertaining--even two years later. But in its current state, Spy Hunter for the PC is a very modest arcade driving game that's simply not worth playing.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Jun 10, 2004)
Spyhunter erschien vor drei Jahren für die PlayStation 2. Das ist lange her - zu lange. Ihre Rolle ist die eines James-Bond-Rennfahrers, der in einem Mehrzweck-Flitzer die Welt vor Terroristen rettet: In 14 Missionen geben Sie Vollgas und weichen Hindernissen aus, springen mittels Schanzen, schießen Lenkraketen auf böse Buben und aktivie-ren Kontrollpunkte - und das alles unter Zeitdruck!
GameCubeGaming Target (Jul 22, 2002)
Take a twenty-year-old arcade game, a very bad “espionage” storyline, and a shoddy 3D racing engine, questionable mid-mission objectives, mix them together, and the result would resemble Midway’s SpyHunter for the GameCube. To add insult to injury, SpyHunter is a botched port of the dated Playstation 2 original, also an underwhelming game, but at least not as technically flawed as this incarnation. SpyHunter has you once again taking control of the multi-purpose G-6155 Interceptor in an attempt to stop the evil Nostra organization from… yawn, blah blah blah.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Jun, 2004)
Midway wühlt ganz tief in der Spiele-Mottenkiste und präsentiert eine Neuauflage des C64-Klassikers Spy Hunter von 1984. Mit einem Amphibienfahrzeug heizen Sie über lineare Kurse und ballern per Bord-MG oder Rakaeten auf Spione. Recht flotte, auf Dauer aber eintönige Action mit grauenvoller Grafik. Nur für Fans.
50 (Oct 14, 2002)
Le passage de Spy Hunter sur Xbox se fait dans la douleur. Avec une notamment une perte de qualité graphique, le titre n'amuse plus de tout. Sans vraiment parvenir à convaincre ni dans le domaine de l'action ni dans celui du jeu de course, Spy Hunter avoue rapidement ses limites en terme d'intérêt et de durée de vie.
WindowsAbsolute Games ( (Jul 24, 2003)
На длинную череду минусов SH приходятся редчайшие плюсы: красивые, чересчур короткие ролики между миссиями и музыка — классический (1983 г.) саундтрек в современном исполнении согреет сердце каждого любителя аркад. В основной же массе все очень ненатурально, скучно и скоротечно; сегодня игра выглядит даже старше своего седовласого предшественника.
WindowsGameSpy (Dec 29, 2003)
While the problems I experienced are certainly fun killers, there are some things to like. This is, after all, a port of a very enjoyable game. If you don't mind jumping through a few hoops to get it running and can look past the weird cases of "consolitis" noted above, the game itself can be enjoyable. Although the difficulty level varies wildly and it's all fairly short, it's a good ride. The problem is that it's about two years late, and even for a street price of $30, it still seems like a bit much when the console versions which now retail for $10 less don't suffer many of these issues, and there are so many other superior driving games available this year on the PC.
40 (Oct 11, 2004)
Petit jeu d'arcade honnête sur console, Spy Hunter, victime d'un portage scandaleux ne respectant aucunement les joueurs et les laissant seuls face au massacre, fait figure désormais de soft mauvais accusant un âge trop canonique pour pouvoir s'imposer. Il est incompréhensible de gâcher de l'argent (pas beaucoup visiblement) pour adapter un jeu de façon si mauvaise. Désolé Spy Hunter, ce n'est pas de ta faute, juste un dommage collatéral.
GameCubeThunderbolt Games (Mar 14, 2005)
Sorry to tell you Midway, but you botched both an excellent idea and a classic game series when you tried to revive Spy Hunter. Maybe if there was a little more time spent on the actual physics of a car rather than its shimmering beauty, then maybe things could have turned out differently. As far as driving games go, this is a must-skip. Even all of you driving game fans out there should avoid this. Don’t be fooled by the glitz and glamour of the famous spies that continue to blow our minds with their cool gadgets and fancy driving stunts. But if you want some quality spy driving action, go watch some movies. This game is utterly devoid of it.
GameCubeNetjak (Oct 03, 2002)
All in all, Spy Hunter should be avoided at all costs. It's not worth even a $5 rental, let alone a $50 purchase. Spy Hunter mangles a beloved classic arcade game beyond belief, and doesn't even take advantage of the capability of the GameCube in the process. Show Midway that you're not going to tolerate poor quality work at top dollar by staying far, far away from this travesty.