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Spy Hunter Screenshots

User Screenshots

GameCube version

opening sequence
title screen
choose a mission
mission 1, an obstacle course
drive through all of the checkpoint markers
your car in boat mode
escape from hostile territory
In order to reach the required jump distance, you'll have to use your turbo booster
When your damage reaches 50% your car will automatically transform into motorcycle
Using turbo booster on a training course
Inside the garage, you may have to blow your way out of it
Soldiers are hardly a threat for your car
This would be a nice pun on the sentence - "through the looking glass"
Don't let enemy cars squeeze you 'cos they have more aces up the sleeve once they do that
You'll see how your shooting is precise by the amount of smoke coming from the enemy vehicle
Your motorcycle is hardly a match for enemy cars, nor it has turbo booster to escape
Entering the truck which fixes you and reloads your ammo
Terror on the highway
Aside from machine-guns, you're equipped with guided missiles
In the sewers, trying to avoid the floating mines
The second type of SpyHunter car you'll acquire at about the halfway of the game
Watch of the speeding trains while driving on the railroad

PlayStation 2 version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Mission Selection
Testing Grounds
Automotive Slalom
Target Practice
Satcom Collection
Your car turns into this bike when you take too much damage.
Warehouse Infiltration
Mission 1: Destroy this helicopter.
Mission 2: Destroy trucks like this.
Truck Destroyed
Close Car Combat
Weapons Van
Ahead is a fork in the road.
Hit the ramp to grab the satcom.
Weapons Boat
Aquatic Motorbike
Car-to-Boat Transformation
The NOSTRA Cartel

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Bike mode
One of the objectives - to active all Satcoms
Speedboat mode
Thats how my mission ended, i trashed my car