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The Spy Who Loved Me Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Am I playing Super Mario?
No...wait...I'm playing Grand Theft Auto
Your Lotus Car becomes a boat
The Q Truck
The bad guys get angry with each other!
An attack helicopter? SUBMERGE!
We all live in a white submarine...white submarine...white submarine...
What's that thing?
Mission Overview
Jumping over a bridge in the speedboat.
Made it your destination on Level 1.
Scene 2 begins.
The Q truck on the road.

Amstrad CPC version

Title and credits screen
Reach the finish line at the harbour and take the speed boat
It's slippery
Collect the coins
Don't crash into other cars

Atari ST version

A mock film intro
The classic
Title screen
Scene setting
Starting point
Only part of the road is really available here
Better get back on track to get those bonuses
Avoid the cones
Better turn in pretty sharply
High scores

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen
The Spy Who Loved Me? Pfft, more like Grand Theft Auto!
Taking to the water
Somewhere...I don't know where.
Underwater in your car turned sub.
This enemy sub is big!
This enemy sub is really big!
This enemy sub is really, really big!
Avoid the enemy boats.
In Q's truck. Here you can buy power-ups and ammo.
Enemy helicopter overhead!
About to jump the bridge.
Made it to your destination.
Enemy boss boat.

ZX Spectrum version

The long and winding multi-load
Title screen
Control selection
High scores
Game start
The long and winding road
Only just keeping it on the island