Star Command Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Game selection menu
Main menu
Training a crew member
Buying a ship

Atari ST version

Title screen
Recruiting personnel
Training of new squad members
Recruiting squad members
First mission
Buy a basic scouting ship
Cool! I get that "Panzerjaeger" rocket launcher for my Marine
Heading to mission destination
Red alert! Three freighters surrounding my ship
I better fire now
My "Hypervelocity Rocket" destroyed one freighter
Deep scan of one star with further possibilities

DOS version

Title screen
Main game menu
Game begins at Startport Luna.
Character generation -- the stats of a recruit.
Character generation -- training
Crew is complete!
Buying a ship. This one's just a little bit too expensive...
... this one will have to do. *sigh*
Outfitting the ship with weapons.
Christening our ship.
Our first mission!
Finally -- SPACE! A long range scan.
The galaxy scan. Note the Triangle -- home of humanity.
A sector scan, showing every star in the current sector.
A system scan. Lots of planets here...
A visual scan of a planet, showing interesting info.
Delivering a shipment of vaccine to another planet.
Uh-oh, some other spacecraft is near!
Communications phase.
Combat - movement phase.
Combat -- firing phase. Looks like we hit it, and hit it well!
Back to Starport Luna. Oh, the ship we destroyed wasn't hostile. Oh, well...
... but at least we get credits for completing our mission...
... as well as pay and promotions. Hey look, I'm a Commander now!

PC-98 version

Title screen
At Startport Luna (I presume)
In space