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MacSoft (Macintosh):

    Explore. Manage. Conquer.

    • Deep in space, somewhere in the Kessari Quadrant, you stumble across a catastrophic realization - the universe is on the brink of destruction. Now you must race to save thousands of worlds and millions of lives from total annihilation. This is the epic adventure of intergalactic strategy and diplomacy.
    • Defend Your Alliances
      Engage in furious 3D combat with 24 alien ships, each with its own unique high-tech weaponry.
    • Save the Universe
      Manage the resources of over 30 colonies and 24 alien races as you explore, colonize and develop more than 1000 planets in the Kessari Quadrant
    • Build a Multilateral Force
      Negotiate critical alliances with alien races to help you in your quest. Explore their strange cultures and exploit their resources.
    • Play Against Real Opponents
      Challenge the computer or play head-to-head against friends on the same screen or via local area network.

    System Requirements: Power Macintosh, System 7.5.3 or better, 12 MB RAM, Color Monitor, CD-ROM drive.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76179) on Jun 25, 2008.

Press Release:
    Accolade's Star Control 3 Comes to XBAND PC

    San Jose, CA, July 16, 1996 - Catapult Entertainment, premier provider of networking services for the home entertainment market, and Accolade, a leading publisher of interactive entertainment software, today announced an exclusive agreement bringing together XBAND PC, the Internet-based, multi-player game network, with Star Control 3, the long-awaited sequel in the award-winning Star Control series. "Star Control has always set the standard for sci-fi action/adventure games," said Adam Grosser, president and CEO of Catapult Entertainment. "Now Star Control 3 takes space adventure gaming to yet another level. This will be a 'must have' for gamers and we're looking forward to welcoming this well-known franchise to XBAND PC."

    Under the agreement, consumers will be able to access XBAND PC sign-up software on the Star Control 3 CD and play Hyper Melee, the game's space combat feature, against other members of XBAND PC. In previous Star Control version, Hyper Melee has been very popular among gamers. Star Control 3 will ship this fall.

    "XBAND PC plays a critical role in Accolade's recently announced strategy to add on-line play to all of our upcoming game," said Jim Barnett, president and CEO of Accolade. "This agreement is the next major step in becoming a leading publisher of multi-player games."

    XBAND PC's innovative Internet technology provides high speed connections and reliable Internet performance giving gamers, with any Internet service provider, the most satisfying multi-player experience available. Called RAPIDsm (Reduced-latency And Predictable Internet Deliver), the system uses a combination of a proprietary IP service and an ATM backbone to route gamers. The result is the lowest latency service possible where necessary; use of the Internet for non-priority traffic and, most important, consistent, high quality service to the majority of ISPs available today.

    Star Control 3, touted as one of the most widely anticipated games of 1996, boasts intense alien interaction, fast-action space combat and far- reaching exploration. There are more than 50 hours of game play with multiple plot threads in Star Control 3, in addition to the Hyper Melee combat feature.

    Catapult Entertainment, Inc. was formed to create premier products and services to support networked real time interactive entertainment for all platforms. XBAND for the PC brings low latency gaming to the Internet. The XBAND Video Game Network, in operation since November 1994, is the only on-line gaming service for the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo platforms. Equity partners include Viacom Corp, Blockbuster Entertainment Corp. and Nissho Iwai, whose wholly owned subsidiary, Catapult Entertainment K.K, launched XBAND for the Super Famicom in Japan in May 1996. Catapult is a private company based in Cupertino, California.

    Headquartered in San Jose, California, Accolade, Inc. publishes action, sports and strategy games for personal computers and next generation gaming systems, such as the Sony PlayStation game console. The company's products are distributed in North America by Warner/Elecktra/Atlantic Corporation, a unit of Warner Music Group. Leading titles from Accolade include Bubsy, HardBall, Jack Nicklaus, Deadlock and Star Control. Accolade games are available from major software specialty stores, computer super-stores or direct from Accolade by calling 800-245-7744.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76179) on Apr 21, 2004.

Computer Gaming World #147 October 1996:
    Take Control!

    The fabric of the universe is crumbling and it's up to you to find the answer somewhere in the unexplored reaches of space. Your quest will bring you face-to-face with the universe's oldest and deadliest mystery.

    [screenshot showing ships and a solar system]

    In this epic adventure you will lead an expedition into the heart of the mysterious Kessari Quadrant. Discover new life forms, establish space colonies, and search for ancient artifacts as you explore over 1000 new worlds.

    [screenshot showing dialog between you and Plexor, a member of the bird-like Crux empire]

    Interact with 24 creatures created by Hollywood's top SFX whizs. Some old allies are along on this adventure with many new races to discover and alliances to negotiate. You'll need puzzle solving skills and an alien sense of humor or it could be war!

    [screenshot showing rendered cutscene of a fleet moving through space towards the left of the foreground]

    Defend your allies and your territory from the cruel and ruthless Hegemonic Crux.

    [screenshot showing a sampling of ships from a melee laid out]

    Hyper Melee has new ships and weapons. Build your fleet from 24 different battle-tested starships. Each ship has its own set of unique features and deadly weapons.

    [screenshot showing 3D display of melee play]

    Take on the computer or a friend in lightning-fast head-to-head Hyper Melee combat. The new 3D view puts you in the middle of the action. Play over network, modem, or serial connection in a fight to the finish.

    [screenshot showing top-down view of a colony]

    Expanded resource management options give you more control over your space colonies. Their starships, fuel, and colony pods are vital to your fleet and your mission.

  • Pilot 24 different alien starships, with 48 unique weapons
  • Manage the resources of over 30 colonies and 24 races
  • Discover more than 40 ancient artifacts from an advanced technology

  • "...One of the most widely anticipated games" Strategy Plus

    "...One of the more exciting releases of 1996" PC Gamer

    "...That rare sequel that offers considerable more than the original" Computer Gaming World

    STAR CONTROL 3 The fate of a thousand worlds is in your hands...AGAIN.

    Contributed by Adam Baratz (1484) on Apr 14, 2001.

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