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Star Control II Screenshots

User Screenshots

3DO version

Title screen
Intro movie. Humanity faces the Ur-Quan.
Main menu.
Super-Melee menu. Arcade battle mode.
Jousting with the enemy.
The camera auto zooms based on the fighter's distance from each other.
Main game. Navigating the stars.
Scanning a planet for resources.
Drive your lander to the scanned ores to collect them.
Hyperspacing to a new system.
All dialogue/messages are voiced.
Pick your answer and prepare for the consequences.

DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
Melee (combat) screenshot
Ingame screenshot of the star map
Copy protection: identify a planet
Ingame screenshot of the Solar system
Ingame screenshot of a conversation with the Syreen
Ingame screenshot of a conversation with the Slylandro
QuasiSpace, with the Arilou homeworld in view.
The human starbase
Shipyard. Here you can customize your fleet
Orbiting the space station. All your journeys begin here
One specie's utility tug is another specie's fully customizable battlecruiser
Selecting a name for your new organization
Some very interesting diplomatic options
It seems someone's trying to make a meal of the issues...
You know you're doing good when one of your employees is the greatest threat the galaxy has ever known
Hyperspace is always colored red. You are nearing a star system - it's the warp-like icon to the upper right
Attacking a race's home planet generally isn't a good idea.
With the proper enhancements your ship's a regular Dreadnought buster
The Ur-Quan haven't calmed down much since the last game
The Kohr-Ah are even bigger jerks than the Ur-quan
The final battle against the dreaded Sa-Matra battle platform
Encounter in deep space - you'll see such screens many times. You can always choose whether to talk or fight the aliens, though often diplomacy is not a real option
The amount of different alien species in the game is very impressive. Each have their unique style and tone. Note these mathematical, abstract robotic creatures
Selecting your ships for the upcoming battle
The Sylandro are a common enemy. They tend to have such glowing ships
Battle won! Battle spoils are displayed
Uh-oh, this area in space seems heavily guarded...
And so it is! Can you take on an entire fleet?..
Dialogue is consistently witty and often absurdly humorous
You receive information about a planet. You can send a lander to mine it
Departing a busy star system
The Ilwrath are unapologetically aggressive...
...but have a fondness for pink

Windows version

Fan-art in the installation; a cuddly Shofixti hangs out with an adorable Orz
Title screen
Start menu
Super-Melee menu
Not really -- this is a little Zot-Fot-Piq humour for the SC2 fans in the crowd.
Full game title screen, redux
Intro: the plot thickens!
This doesn't look like the Terra system I was expecting...
Full game load/restore screen
Not a friendly greeting!
Conversation branches
Conversation logs
Earth really is stuck behind a slave shield!
The moon has no such problem, however.
It does seem to be plagued by robots, however, complicating my resource-gathering.
Something's fishy on Pluto.
Earthquakes and firestorms plague the surface of Mercury.
Galactic hyperspace map -- this will become more detailed as the game progresses.
Joy-riding in hyperspace
A common hyperspace inconvenience
The ship selection remnants doesn't bode well for our heroes.
I bet more games ended this way, a triumphant Slylandro Probe twisting through space.

Official Screenshots

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