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Star General Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main Menu
Space view
Ground view
Buying units
Strategic Map
Title screen

Windows version

The game's title screen

Demo version
The main menu In this limited version there's only one scenario available

Demo version
After selecting Begin Battle from the main menu the player then selects their map. In this demo version there's only one scenario available
The beginning of the player's turn
The strategic space map. There's also a strategic planetary map. All of the following screenshots are taken from options on the right of the screen Demo version
Part of the planetary strategic map including the purchase screen for land based units. The hex grid can be toggled on/off Demo version
The full view of the planetary strategic map

Demo version
The Races option on the main menu shows the relative strengths of the combatants
naturally there's a save/load function with this game but names are limited to eight characters
There is always a Diplomacy/Bribery alternative to fighting
Inspecting the status of the ground units
Here a big space unit is about to be purchased
Placing a purchased unit on the strategic map. The green hexagons show where it can be positioned