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In a distant galaxy is a star system containing eight planets in which profits could be made trading between each planet until space pirates came along and robbed the traders on their trade routes. The traders could fight and die or get taxed by the pirates for a 1/4 of the value of the cargo and now all the traders have given up or left the star system. You are the only trader left and you now have the opportunity to trade between all eight planets being careful to avoid any pirates on the way.

You start in a starport on Planet 0 and you can see a small graphic representation of where you are and many options for how you want to spend your day like go to various traders who include wine merchants, jewellers and a sawmill. Here you can buy goods to sell on other planets or you can go to other shops to buy weapons (and power packs for the weapons) for your ship, buy food or go to a bar for quick pint. All the shops and traders are open at specific times so if you are waiting you can stay at a hotel to rest and minimise the risk of being mugged. You must eat and drink at regular intervals and also buy enough food for any journeys in your ship in space.

Once you have brought, traded and looked after yourself you can now fly to another planet. The view changes inside your ship with a 1st person perspective looking outside the cockpit. You can move the ship in various directions but the ship will keep it's course for the chosen planet. Occasionally on a flight to a planet you will encounter space pirates who will demand a large amount of credits and you can decide to pay them or fight. If you have no weapons for the ship or power packs then you have to pay. If you can fight then you see the pirates outside your cockpit and you attempt to blast them all. You have various shields on the ship and each can be hit three times before your ship is destroyed and game over.

If you make it safely to the planet you have to deal with customs. You can declare your goods and pay a fee, lie and hope not to get caught or bribe the customs official. You can now explore the starport trading and buying goods, looking after yourself and repairing your ship if needed. If your ship does have damage you need to repair it or you can't take-off.

The Commodore 64 version allows 8 players to play and each player has a couple of turns before the next player has a go.


Star Trader ZX Spectrum Two days of travelling
Star Trader Commodore 64 Fighting the Pirates.
Star Trader Commodore 64 In the General Store.
Star Trader Commodore 64 Going through customs.

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