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Star Trek: Elite Force II Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The opening cinematic, in the style of TV credits.
The main menu
Alex has settled on being a man for Elite Force II.
EFII starts with Voyager battling the Borg on their way out of the Delta quadrant.
After returning to Earth, Alex finds himself assigned as a Starfleet Academy instructor.
But it isn't long before he's back in space meeting new alien races...
... blasting new monstrosities...
... and running into familiar faces.
Ever wonder how you reroute power with a tricorder? It's a lot like a puzzle game.
Repelling boarders on the Enterprise.
Some situations have a time limit displayed as a red bar countdown (left side).
The tricorder provides several viewing options including "structural integrity" or "where it's safe to step" mode.
Collecting golden spaceships from secret areas unlocks bonus levels.
Exotic dancers appear to be mandatory in FPS games these days.
Multiplayer includes both on-line and solo botmatch options.
Holofragging a bot.
This secret area minigame seems familiar...
The tricorder can be used to modulate phase harmonics... which in turn probably activates a switch
Sometimes interfacing with a device just means you have to use the tricorder long enough for it to finish
In outer space, the gravity is low allowing the player to get the drop on his opponents
A romulan sniper
The Enterprise-E has laser turrets on it's outer hull which can blast other starships
Enterprise transport operators
Enemy defeated. Online holodeck suites!
Creepy alien spider creatures...
Locker room
Like any government, The Federation has sniper rifles.
Each mission begins with a mission briefing. Some levels such as this one allow the player to just walk around and talk with some of the Starfleet personnel.
I know my room's around here somewhere. The Enterprise-E is a big place... luckily maps are posted.
Beaming down to an enemy planet... in style
What would a first person shooter be without a rocket launcher?
Hey Buddy! What's your problem? Klingons are among the most quick-tempered of species
Fighting with the Bakaral, a close range melee weapon
The Holodeck is the training ground of choice to test out new weapons
This ancient artifact of a staff is a mighty energy weapon
Dialog choices can get Alex into trouble. Here he is negotiating with a Ferengi smuggler
The bridge of the enterprise, because everyone wants to see that
A near miss on an enemy soldier
Now what was the last number of that door code?
The Hazard Team's briefing room