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Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force Expansion Pack Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

There are really only 3 1/2 new levels in the pack, all of them holodeck missions.
Two of the new levels are a short "Captain Proton" adventure.
If running through halls hoping doors open is your idea of fun then the "Virtual Voyager" tour is for you.
Virtual Voyager includes a few "find the object" mini quests...
... like trying to collect a full set of Elite Force action figures.
If you didn't already have the version 1.2 patch, the expansion pack upgrades the entire game to include Jeri Ryan's voice.
Time to take my tricorder in for repairs, it's telling me Torres is human.
You know, I've always wanted to do that.
If you act up, you get thrown in the brig and various crew members come to visit you.
There are a few new multiplayer models and maps.
Raven was sure that people would overlook the shortage of content in the expansion pack if they were given a chance to read Seven of Nine's diary.
Ensign Munro's quarters
Seven of nine awaiting you by the door.
In the mess hall
Inside the turbo lift
Loading "Deck 10 - Shuttle Bay".
Shuttle ready for departure. The character's shadow looks somewhat weird.
Resume the Voyager virtual tour.
Computer core room
Captain's note pad
Briefing room
Captain's office
Locker room
Hazard ops briefing room
Transporter room
Transporter controls
Mess hall
Shuttle bay control room
Neelix's bathroom
Collect elite force action figures
Information about Species 8472 in the astrometrics computer
Information about Ocampa home world
Inside Jeffries tube
Below turbolift
"Borg Slayer" game on Deck 15
Every room now has working replicators.
"Assimilation" game type. Become the Borg when killed by one.