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This mobile game recreates the events of the movie from a isometric perspective. The game has seven action packed levels that each differs in gameplay. What they all have in common are quick time events that appear frequently. The levels play as follows:
  1. Battle of Hoth: The player takes control of Luke and has to defend the rebel base by destroying the AT-AT walkers. The level consists of two parts. First the player has to avoid getting shot down by steering left or right to dodge the enemy lasers. Once getting close to the walkers the player has to release his harpoon and use it to tie up the walker's legs. This is done by first quickly pressing the directional keys in the order that is displayed on the screen and then pressing left and right alternately to keep a marker in the middle of a meter.

  2. Dagobah Search: Luke arrives at Dagobah and has to find Yoda. The gameplay here involves navigating through the swamps, jumping over geysers and dodging the flying creature that comes in the player's path.

  3. Asteroid Field: The player here takes control of Han Solo and the Millenium Falcon and has to flee from the Imperials through an asteroid field. This works similarly to the first level and has three parts. First the player has to avoid being hit by asteroids by simply moving left or right. After a while the player will need to initiate emergency acceleration to avoid being overtaken by the Imperials. This is done simply by taping a button repeatedly. Lastly the player has to defend against Tie Fighters. This is done by moving the crosshair over the enemy ships and shooting before they have time to shoot.

  4. Jedi Training: Back at Dagobah Luke begins his training with Yoda in his quest to become a Jedi. This is done through a number of challenges. First the player has to run across the forest and jump over swamps. Luke runs automatically and all the player has to do is to press the jump button at the right time or he will get wet. Sometimes a liana can be used to swing across a swamp. Secondly he has to do a balancing exercise where he stands on his hands with Yoda above him. This is done by pressing left and right repeatedly. Thirdly he has to use the force to lift R2-D2 and some stones in the air. This is done by repeatedly pressing the directional keys, where each key represents an object.

  5. Cloud City and Bespin Vaults: These two levels work the same. Luke arrives at Cloud City where he finds out that his friends have been captured by Darth Vader. The player has to move Luke between predefined covers and with the press of a button lean out and shoot at the stormtroopers. In some parts of the levels Luke also gets to use his lightsaber in close combat fights.

  6. I am Your Father: Luke finally gets to meet Darth Vader face to face. Now the player has to defend himself in a lightsaber fight while resisting the temptation to attack. The player blocks Vader's attacks by pressing a button when a marker runs through the green sectors of a circle. Luke gains Dark Side points when hit and it's important to not let the Dark Side meter fill up. The level also has a part where Luke has to press buttons to avoid being hit by flying objects.

  7. Clouds of Bespin: The player gets to control the Millenium Falcon once again in and attempt to save Luke. This level involves the laser dodging of the first level and shooting of the asteroid field level.


Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back J2ME Taking cover
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back J2ME Fighting Vader with a, er, lifebuoy?
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back J2ME Press the keys in the right order to release the harpoon.
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back J2ME Attacking a stormtrooper

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