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Starblade Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Ready for launch.
Facing fighters already.
Blasting the enemy.
Huge ships to destroy.
Destroyed a ship.
Blast the fighters.
Flying over a huge ship.
Asteroid field.
Shoot for bonuses.
Taking hits.
Fighters in the asteroid field.
Needs destroying.
Multiple huge ships.
Shield is low.
Your progression.
More ships to blast.

PlayStation version

Title screen.
Press start button to abort.
Operation Starblade.
Mechanized Planet "Red Eye".
Power Reactor Octopus.
Execute Operation.
Close to an asteroid.
Lil' explosions, no big deal.
Random ship.
Kind of confusing.
Enemies approaching.
The infamous "Red Eye".

SEGA CD version

Title screen
Main menu. Not much of a choice, huh.
Mission briefing.
You are to proceed to planet Redeye.
And destroy this reactor core.
Launching off the mothership... The gameplay portion of the game uses Sega CD's lowest resolution - 256x224
And for a good reason - the game uses high quality video, a combination of shaded and unfilled vectors, and scaling sprites.
All small ships are drawn using unfilled vectors.
After trashing your forces the enemy warps back to base - you follow.
It's much easier to spot enemy on Sega CD, as destructible asteroids are readily visible... not that it helps.
An unfilled enemy up-close and personal.
The game constantly marks commentates your progress with cool radio chatter.
Some of the larger ships are actually rendered in real time.
Moving alongside a large enemy ship.
Attacking a giant enemy mothership.
Environments can get pretty elaborate.
The enemy forces are escaping.
Landing on Redeye.
Barrage of enemy fire starts even before you land.
Planet Redeye is a deadly place.
Navigating more deadly terrain.
Moving through an enemy installation.
Continue screen
Game over
The high-score table is all 3D too.