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StarCraft (Demo Version) Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen.
Campaign intro.
The tutorial mission is basically the same as in the retail game but uses a different map.
The first mission.
The first mission's briefing. All characters in the demo campaign use generic portraits, like the Magistrate has the Battlecruiser pilot portrait.
Confederate Alpha Squadron staging area on Chau Sara.
The first encounter with the "xenomorphs".
Cerberus units are more powerful than their regular counterparts.
An attack on the Sons of Korhal base.
Fresh forces mop up the rest of the rebel base.
You need to rescue the scientists in the indoor mission.
Attacking the Zerg base in a mission exclusive to the CD version. The objective here is to escort Cerberus operatives to the installation entrance.
Fighting the Zerg in the lower levels of the Confederate research installation.
An attack force backed up by two SCVs for in-field vehicle repairs.
The Zerg are ravaging a Terran city...
...until General Duke personally arrives to fend them off.
Campaign mission selection screen (CD version).

Official Screenshots

  • StarCraft (Demo Version) Screenshot
    Blizzard Entertainment website, 2000
    Even this so-called "security complex" has been overrun by the alien menace
  • StarCraft (Demo Version) Screenshot
    Blizzard Entertainment website, 2000
    Your orders are to stop the mysterious alien invaders on Chau Sara