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Critic Reviews

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WindowsGiant Bomb (Mar 21, 2016)
Far more than just a farming game, this one-man labor of love is filled with seemingly endless content and heart.
Nintendo SwitchSwitch Era (Oct 11, 2017)
From its art style and soundtrack to its writing and crafting mechanics, Stardew Valley is a beautiful game. Being able to play it on the go and leave the console in sleep mode whenever you need to take a break makes this already-addicting game even more irresistible. Stardew Valley and Nintendo Switch are the perfect pair.
WindowsTechRaptor (May 02, 2016)
Stardew Valley has a little bit of everything for everyone and does it all well. It's well-designed, well-polished, and encompasses everything I love about this style of game and more. A modern masterpiece in every way.
PlayStation 4Playstation Universe (Dec 21, 2016)
Right in the death rattle of 2016, Stardew Valley comes along and sits itself down at the Game of the Year table. It’s a remarkable game, warmly familiar, yet fresh as a daisy. In a year where indie games have stepped up to the plate and hit home runs-a-plenty, Stardew Valley is the one that knocks it out of the park and into a neighbouring city.
WindowsIGN (Aug 07, 2018)
Stardew Valley is a beautiful, fun game that, when all of its parts are pulled together, make for a wonderful countryside adventure. Whether it’s rainy, sunny, snowy, or dusted with pollen drifts through the air, each day offers an abundance of great activities ready to be collected or mastered and new friendships waiting to be made. Even 100 hours in with three in-game years in the books, I still feel like I have so many mysteries to discover, and plenty of items to collect. New items, goals, and events from all the updates since its launch make Stardew Valley more welcoming for new players and extends its life for seasoned farmers, too. The fantastic multiplayer is just the cherry on top of the cake to this marvelous farming RPG.
PlayStation 4TheSixthAxis (2017)
The constant churn of daily activities may prove thankless and repetitive for those impatient and unwilling to immerse themselves, but if you surrender yourself to Stardew Valley and dig deeper beneath the surface you’ll find one of the best, most impactful games you’ll play this year, homage or not.
PlayStation 4GameSpot (Oct 06, 2017)
The sheer number of things to accomplish in Stardew Valley can keep you interested beyond the original three in-game years you need to reach the end of your story--you may just want to start over rather than continue on. You’ll work quite hard to gather enough money for your first horse, so that you can quickly move to the mines to get a mineral to complete a bundle at the community center. It’s all centered around whatever it is you want to accomplish that day. And that’s truly what makes Stardew Valley such a lovely experience, it encourages you to go out and be the best you can be, in whichever task that brings you the most joy. Stardew Valley motivates naturally, with blissful optimism.
Xbox OneTrueAchievements (Dec 23, 2016)
Stardew Valley is a unique game for consoles that you didn't realize that you wanted until you had it. Growing your farm from a small plot of land to a massive industry is a wonderful feeling and the journey is rewarding and worthy of your time. You'll constantly be thinking of new ventures that you can try to make gold; with proper work, those ventures always pay off, which only makes you want to play even more. With plenty of extra activities in which to participate throughout your days, you won't grow bored quickly. While the game isn't perfect — side activities can be dull and there are a few frustrating bugs — Stardew Valley will no doubt remain a staple in my rotation for months to come. It's a game that fully succeeds in its premise and for that it is worthy of your time.
Nintendo SwitchSwitch Player (Oct 20, 2017)
The farming simulator genre is back and better than ever! Stardew Valley provides you an experience that just grows more and more as you play. Every little thing, from planting to befriending the community, becomes surprisingly meaningful as your hard works comes to life in front of you. With tons of content, it’ll keep you hooked into living this calm, pleasurable and magical second life, all made better with Switch’s portability.
Nintendo SwitchNintendo Life (Oct 07, 2017)
Stardew Valley offers its players a chance to live a second life – one where you can forget the troubles of the real world and get excited over finding a particularly rare carrot. It is a truly magical experience; games can often be enjoyable but they don’t all manage to be as captivating as this. This is the sort of game that ideally requires a significant amount of time to be invested; the enjoyment doesn’t necessarily come from the day-to-day actions you perform, but rather from the general growth of pride, satisfaction, and sense of security as the days go by. Fans of games such as Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing will be right at home here and, for those who aren’t, there is a decent chance this game might just surprise you. For the asking price the risk couldn’t be more worth it.
WindowsGame Revolution (Mar 01, 2016)
It isn't common that you encounter a game as charming and delightfully addictive as Stardew Valley. It finds a harmonious balance of progression, activities, and rewards resulting in each day being distinct and memorable. It's a triumph in indie game development, demonstrating that a single developer with tremendous heart can make something more meaningful and captivating than even the most prolific AAA studios.
WindowsThe Escapist (Mar 16, 2016)
Stardew Valley is an absolutely charming little gem about forgetting all your worries and relaxing on a farm. If you wished that Terraria had a proper story holding it up, or like Barone are dismayed that there hasn't been a good Harvest Moon game in forever, then Stardew Valley is for you.
PlayStation 4MAN!AC (Feb 01, 2017)
Wunderbar ausbalancierte Bauern­hof-Simulation im stimmigen 16-Bit-Look, nur die Steuerung ist etwas holprig.
PlayStation 4GamePro (Germany) (IDG) (Dec 19, 2016)
Stardew Valley ist ein malerischer Landausflug mit unglaublich motivierender Spielmechanik. Wer einmal dort ist, kommt so bald nicht zurück.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Mar 18, 2016)
Es hat fast schon etwas Meditatives, die täglichen Aufgaben zu verrichten und ich freue mich tierisch, die ersten Keimlinge sprießen zu sehen, weil ich weiß: Sie sind das Ergebnis meiner harten Arbeit. Ich lausche dem großartigen Soundtrack, während ich Gemüse ernte oder Monster verkloppe und lasse dabei meinen eigenen stressigen Tag ausklingen. Da ist Stardew Valley wirklich großartig: Ein Spiel, das mich immer dann abholt, wenn mir mein Alltag mal zu anstrengend wird. Nach dem »Ein Tag geht noch«-Prinzip spiele ich deshalb immer weiter und verliere mich für Stunden im liebenswerten Pixeltal, weil es immer was zu tun gibt.
PlayStation 4PlayStation Lifestyle (Dec 16, 2016)
Stardew Valley represents a major break from reality. It’s a game where things are simple, but there’s always something new to do. It’s a collector’s haven; a lover’s respite (at least until co-op arrives in the future). This will represent many things to many gamers. Yet the one thing it will remain for as long as people are around to play it, is a magnum opus of the indie developer. Stardew Valley is a game so completely full of content, that it is hard to fathom that it was created by a single person. With a ton of secrets to discover, and fishing, farming, mining, smelting, and even dating as activity options, this feels like a perfect mix of life simulation games of the past, with a decidedly modern take. Hopefully ConcernedApe continues in his relentless march to build the perfect game for this genre, and we can all share in the fruits of his tireless labor.
80 (Mar 18, 2016)
Wer hätte das gedacht: Während Natsume seine Marke Harvest Moon in den vergangenen Jahren nur noch lustlos gemolken hat, schafft die Kopie Stardew Valley es viel besser, die entspannte Bauernhof-Stimmung der beliebten Oldies einzufangen. Eigentlich ist es schwer zu glauben, dass nur ein einzelner Entwickler daran gearbeitet hat. An förmlich jeder Ecke entdeckt man Eric Barones Liebe für urige Details - ob nun die putzigen kleinen Animationen, die atmosphärische Umsetzung von Tageszeiten und Wetterkapriolen oder die zahllosen Geheimnisse und Aktivitäten, mit denen sich das Landleben sehr individuell gestalten lässt. Manchmal hätte ich mir allerdings gewünscht, dass Concerned Ape und Publisher Chucklefish sich etwas mehr vom Original lösen, um Altlasten wie das simple Beziehungs-System, die minimalistische Geschichte oder fade Smalltalk-Dialoge zu modernisieren.