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Stargoose Warrior Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen.
Introduction animation: the mother ship drops off the Stargoose.
Starting a new game.
Enter the ammo tunnel to gain more ammo.
Spin around to collect ammo. There are similar tunnels for fuel and shields.
Exploring the level.

Atari ST version

Title screen

DOS version

Title screen
Collect new missiles by going through this ramp
In each of the eight levels you have to collect 6 colored crystals before you can advance. Here's a red one
A group of enemy ground vehicles
Surrounded by gun turrets; at the top of the screen you can see a tunnel entrance...
..Inside the tunnel you have to collect these blue eyes to replenish either your shield, your standard ammo or your fuel (depending on the color of the tunnel - green = ammo)
Dead End! Because your craft glides along the surface you always have to stay on the blue metal or you die
I've launched a missile at a missile-turret, it shoots one back at me (unlike your pea-shooter, missiles are not blocked by elevations in the terrain but glide along)
Firing at a stationary mine
After collecting the 6 gems you can enter this warppoint to the next level (Notice that when the angle of the terrain changes, the game adjusts your ship's sprite as well, thus creating a pseudo 3D effect)
Game title 1 (CGA)
Game title 2 (CGA)
Beginning (CGA)
Battle (CGA)
Inside the tunnel (CGA)