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VectrexTeleMatch (Jul, 1983)
Natürlich wird der Schwierigkeitsgrad stets höher, und es erscheint nahezu unmöglich, längere Zeit im Spiel bleiben zu können, aber wer sich häufiger mit Starhawk beschäftigen möchte, der hätte sich gewiß mehr Abwechslung gewünscht. Interessanter wird Starhawk, wenn man zu zweit (mit zweitem Controller) ein Simultanspiel absolviert
VectrexRetro Game Reviews (Sep 25, 2015)
Star Hawk had the potential to be a fun space shooter but the wonky controls break the whole game as its entire premise is based on being accurate so you don't run out of time in your quest for a high score. As a result it won't take long before you give up and walk away in frustration.
VectrexThe Video Game Critic (Mar 01, 2005)
Finally, the planet spins more like a slot machine than a rotating heavenly body. Star Hawk's gameplay is limited to moving a crosshair and shooting enemy ships that swoop in and scale across the screen. At least the game makes proper use of the Vectrex analog joystick, so it's very easy to zero in on your targets. Still, the action is monotonous and the collision detection is erratic. The one iota of strategy involves nailing the occasional "command ship", causing your crosshairs to temporarily double in size, and the scoring doubles as well during this period. Star Hawk is a very weak effort. Its whole purpose seems to be to show off a visual effect that's not very good to begin with.