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Starship Commander: Arcade Credits

73 people (26 developers, 47 thanks)


Starring, as Sgt. Sarah PearsonSophie Wright
Ship Computer VOLindsey Gates-Markel
Concept ArtistsSteven Holt, Jose Vazquez
Art AssetsAdam Nydahl
Audio DirectorFrank Petreikis
Additional Audio DesignByron Evora
Additional Audio EngineeringLarry Gates
Music Composed ByRod Abernethy
Core SystemsAdam Nydahl, Zachary Burke, Scott Fennelly
WritersDavid Kuelz, Sophie Wright, Alex Mejia
Trailer ActorsAnthony B. Fraizer, Eric Sizemore, Christiana Cushing
Additional ProgrammingAlex Mejia, Sai Narayan, David Kuelz
DevopsJeremy Raymond
UI ConsultingXander Davis
Production AssistantsAnna Shabayev, Will Fogleson
Costume DraperAina O'Kane
WebmasterTed K. Pagonis
Biz DevSophie Wright, Derek Bly
Directed ByAlex Mejia

Special Thanks

Special Thanks ToCallum J. Underwood, Phillip Greenspan, Andy Mathis, Brian Lowe, Jad Boniface, Tom Gough, David Taylor, Mike Drummelsworth, Mitch Soule, Brian Kearney, Chance Ivey, Amanda Bott, Wyeth Johnson, Nick Donaldson, Kyle Riesenbeck (Reverend), Malia Probst, Jasmin Cano, Iva Leon, Arnoud, Charles Babb, Marcus Anzengruber, Ikrima Elhassan, Kedar Shashidhar, Keith Kaisershot, Eva Hoerth, Lesley Chinen, Ray Mejia, Eileen Mejia, Will Fogleson, Simon Higgs, Mike Seltzer, Panos Periorellis, Web Shen, Rebecca Duffy, Becky Kelly, Kim Lawrence, Megan Lynch, Tony Lystra, Mark Smith, Chad Vivoli, Alexander Toplansky, Ana Riberio, Anton Bex, Fransisco Gonzalez, Yao Huang, Gary Ambler, Jeff Harris


“1H09” Words and Music By Danger, © UNIVERSAL MUSICA INC. on behalf of UNIVERSAL MUSIC PUBLISHING
“1H13” Words and Music By Danger, © UNIVERSAL MUSICA INC. on behalf of UNIVERSAL MUSIC PUBLISHING
“1H42” Words and Music By Danger, © UNIVERSAL MUSICA INC. on behalf of UNIVERSAL MUSIC PUBLISHING

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Credits for this game were contributed by Plokite_Wolf (54897)