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ZX SpectrumCrash! (May, 1986)
Nearly eighteen months after the fast 3D graphics in Starstrike stunned the Spectrum gamesplaying world, Realtime have release the sequel under the unassuming title of Starstrike II. The original game contained three screens of wire-frame animation and owed a fair debt to the Star Wars arcade game in terms of gameplay. Now Realtime have produced a game with filled-in 3D graphics and have come up with a totally different gameplay to go with them...
ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair (Jun, 1986)
There are precious little surprises left in the computer world these days. Many a jobbing reviewer like me gets to see so many games that are just ho-hum that when you finally do see something that seems amazing, you start looking for flaws in it immediately
Amstrad CPCHappy Computer (1986)
Ohne die scharfe Grafik wäre Starstrike II ein häßliches Software-Entlein. Aber die tolle Animation sorgt wohl bei allen Action-Fans für einen erhöhten Adrenalin-Ausstoß. Das Programm ist allein wegen seiner Funktion als Grafik-Demo fast schon sein Geld wert.
Amstrad CPCAmtix! (Oct, 1986)
Original it ain't. Ripping off just about every theme going from other computer games or films doesn't detract from a rattling good shoot-em-up. It's colourful, fast, and furious and all of the sections offer a different and interesting challenge. Obviously going through this process 22 times tends to drag a bit. But its easy to get into, and it holds your interest: as you get better, you'll get further.