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Starstrike II Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title and main menu
Transfer fuel or select a quadrant to warp to.
Departing the support module.
What planet in this quadrant to warp to.
We have arrived at this industrial area.
I am being attacked. Do I want to transfer fuel to the forcefields?
The scanners show where, in relation to me, the enemy is.
I was destroyed.

ZX Spectrum version

A rather nice load screen
The start of game menu is based on the ship's cabin layout
Start of game. There's a list of actions on the left . select by scrolling up & down with the Q/A keys then FIRE when positioned correctly
No need to transfer fuel - lets go to Alpha
Here we are. There's a big yellow pentagram thing floating around here...
Ooops! I get no points for shooting it so it must be my support ship
Well it hasn't shot at me so I'm going to try and dock
Must have been some kind of jump gate that's moved me to another part of space
Now there's a grid with a window in it and collection of spinning things - perhaps I should shoot them
Missed! These windows are actually heavily defended holes in the enemy planet's defence shields. I'm supposed to fly through them without hitting anything
Game Over !. I must have hit every dancing square at once and wiped out my force field's power
Replayed. This time going to Gamma
Leaving a different shape support craft. Support craft carry hyperspace jump engines my craft do not have.
A map of this system. I'm in the outer orbit with the support module. I must select a target planet...
.. enemy planets are red,
targeting Gamma 11 - a military planet
Making the planetary jump, a series of different coloured rings expand towards you during the jump.
Another support ship
Back to flying through the force field. Don't seem to get points for shooting these dancing squares.
There are bonus points to be had when you fly through the defence grid without making contact